Faculty & Staff Directory
Humanistic Studies Elizabeth Holden Wagenheim Faculty FT, Humanistic Studies
410.225.4270 ewagenheim@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Tracy Wallace Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2544 twallace@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Meghan Walrath Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2350 mwalrath@mica.edu
Fabrication Studios Ann Walsh Studio Manager, Lazarus Center Wood Shop & Rinehart Sculpture Studio
410.225.4126 awalsh01@mica.edu
Hoffberger School of Painting Joan Waltemath Full Time Faculty, Hoffberger School Of Painting
410.225.2255 jwaltemath@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA Andrew Evan Walters Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design BFA
410.225.2382 awalters@mica.edu
Mount Royal School of Art Michelle Ann Wampler Adjunct Faculty, Mount Royal School of Art
410.225.2567 cwampler@mica.edu
Development Sara Benninghoff Warren Executive Director, Corporate, Foundation, Government Relations & Major Gift Officer
410.225.2264 swarren@mica.edu
Drawing Karen Warshal Adjunct Faculty, Drawing
410.225.2260 kwarshal@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Mary Lynn Washington Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2587 mwashington@mica.edu
MPS User Experience Design (UXD) Kafi Waters Adjunct Faculty, Provost's Office
410.225.2319 kwaters02@mica.edu
General Fine Arts Susan Waters-Eller Faculty FT, General Fine Art
410.225.2260 swaters@mica.edu
Fitness Center Keri Watley Health Promotion Educator
410.225.4952 kwatley@mica.edu
Undergraduate Admission Lauren Rei Watters Coordinator, Guest Services
410.225.2222 lwatters@mica.edu
Fibers Melissa M. Webb Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2492 mwebb@mica.edu
Provost's Office Denise M. Webster Adjunct Faculty, Provost's Office
410.225.2319 dwebster@mica.edu
Career Development Joy Weems Program Manager, Center for Creative Entrepreneurship
410.225.4210 jweems@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA Angelique Weger Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design BFA
410.225.2382 aweger@mica.edu
OS Young People's Studio Trevor George Weigle Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 tweigle@mica.edu
Art History Megan L. Weikel Adjunct Faculty, Art History
410.225.2350 mweikel@mica.edu
MA Social Design Michael S. Weikert Full Time Faculty, MA Social Design
443.739.8153 mweikert@mica.edu
General Fine Arts Howie Lee Weiss Faculty FT, General Fine Art
410.225.2260 hweiss@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA Maureen A. Weiss Faculty FT, Graphic Design
410.225.2382 mweiss@mica.edu
First Year Experience Michael E. Weiss Associate Dean, Fine Arts
410.225.5122 meweiss@mica.edu
MFA Curatorial Practice Gee Wesley Adjunct Faculty, MFA Curatorial Practice
410.225.2302 gwesley@mica.edu
Finance & Business Services Alex Whatley Student Accounts Specialist
Capital Campaign Angela Wheeler Associate Vice President, Campaign Operations
410.462.7508 awheeler01@mica.edu
OS Young People's Studio Linda Whelihan Adjunct Faculty, Young People's Studios
Building Services Breeta White Supervisor
410.225.4250 bwhite02@mica.edu
Architectural Design Brent White Adjunct Faculty, Architectural Design
410.225.2240 bwhite03@mica.edu
Campus Safety Tanisha White Institute Security Officer/Dispatcher
410.225.2355 twhite@mica.edu
Undergraduate Admission Destiny Whitley Manager, CRM and Communications
Humanistic Studies Sa Whitley Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2350 mwhitley01@mica.edu
Undergraduate Admission Beth Ann Whitsel Associate Director
410.225.2406 bwhitsel@mica.edu
MFA Graphic Design Rachel Willey Adjunct Faculty, MFA Graphic Design
410.225.2382 rwilley@mica.edu
Painting James Williams Faculty FT, Painting
410.225.2524 jwilliams02@mica.edu
Campus Safety LATANYA WILLIAMS Security Guard
410.225.2355 lwilliams06@mica.edu
Illustration BFA MATT WILLIAMS Adjunct Faculty, Illustration
410.225.4130 mwilliams09@mica.edu
Campus Safety Orielle Williams Security Guard
410.225.2355 owilliams01@mica.edu
Animation Stephanie Williams Faculty FT, Animation
410.225.2495 swilliams04@mica.edu
Product Design Karl Williamson Full-time Faculty, Product Design
MPS User Experience Design (UXD) Christopher Wilson Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 cwilson02@mica.edu
Campus Safety Jacinta Wilson Security Guard
410.225.2355 jwilson03@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Richard Wilson Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2350 rwilson@mica.edu
MPS Data Analytics and Visualization Samantha Winters Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 swinters02@mica.edu
General Fine Arts Eileen T Wold Adjunct Faculty, General Fine Arts
410.225.2260 ewold@mica.edu
MA Art Education Mary M Wolf Adjunct Faculty, MA Art Education
410.225.2297 mwolf@mica.edu
Counseling Center Steven Wolf Administrative Assistant
Humanistic Studies ARIEL WOLSZTEJN Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2350 awolsztejn@mica.edu
Fibers Kristine Woods Faculty FT, Fiber
410.225.2492 kwoods@mica.edu
Illustration BFA Roger Woods Program Coordinator
410.225.2535 rwoods@mica.edu
Painting Saya Woolfalk Adjunct Faculty, Painting
410.225.2260 jwoolfalk@mica.edu
BCAN Krystle Carter Word Storytelling & Engagement Manager
MFA Filmmaking Patrick G. Wright Full Time Faculty, MFA Filmmaking
410.225.1016 pwright@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA Ashley Wu Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design
Humanistic Studies Jessica Haywood Wyatt Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2350 jwyatt@mica.edu
Illustration BFA George Wylesol Adjunct Faculty, Illustration BFA
410.225.4130 gwylesol@mica.edu
Printmaking Eva A Wylie Faculty FT, Printmaking
410.225.2318 ewylie@mica.edu