Faculty & Staff Directory
Enterprise Systems Thili Palaniappan Enterprise Resource Planning Developer
410.225.2465 tpalaniappan@mica.edu
Architectural Design Esther Jung Yoon Park Adjunct Faculty, Architectural Design
410.225.2240 jpark23@mica.edu
MA Art Education Young Nan Park Sohn Director, Art Education Low Residency
410.225.2530 nparksohn01@mica.edu
Campus Safety Antione Parker Institute Patrol Officer
Fibers Marla Parker Adjunct Faculty, Fibers
410.225.2492 mparker01@mica.edu
Strategic Initiatives Sheri L. Parks Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
410.225.2373 sparks01@mica.edu
MFA Photographic & Electronic Media Laura Parnes Adjunct Faculty, MFA Photographic & Electronic Media
410.225.2292 lparnes@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Chris Partain Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2350 cpartain@mica.edu
Physical Plant Conrado Pasion Maintenance Tech II
410.225.4250 cpasion@mica.edu
Art History Victoria Pass Faculty FT, Art History
410.225.2350 vpass@mica.edu
Center for Social Design EESHA PATNE Social Design Associate
410.225.2504 epatne@mica.edu
Student Affairs Michael Z. Patterson Vice President, Student Affairs & Dean of Students
410.225.2422 mpatters@mica.edu
Campus Safety Miesha Patterson Security Guard
410.225.2355 mpatterson01@mica.edu
OS Young People's Studio Courtney J. Payne Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 cpayne@mica.edu
Rinehart School of Sculpture John H. Peacock Faculty FT, Rinehart School
410.225.2302 jpeacock@mica.edu
MPS Business of Art & Design Marisa Peacock Adjunct Faculty, MPS Business of Art & Design
410.225.2219 mpeacock@mica.edu
Illustration BFA Zeke Peña Adjunct Faculty, Illustration
410.225.4130 epena@mica.edu
Physical Plant Luis Pena Tiria Maintenance Tech II
410.225.2261 lpenatiria@mica.edu
MFA Studio Art John E. Penny Faculty FT, MFA Studio Art
410.225.6713 jpenny@mica.edu
MA Art Education Adriane Pereira Faculty FT, Art Education/MAT
410.225.6717 apereira@mica.edu
MICA Store Vanessa Marie Perrigo Art Supplies Buyer
410.225.2277 vperrigo@mica.edu
Illustration BFA Lisa R. Perrin Faculty FT, Illustration
410.225.4130 lperrin@mica.edu
Campus Safety Michael Perry Institute Patrol Officer
410.225.2355 mperry03@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA Asad Pervaiz Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design
410.225.2382 apervaiz@mica.edu
Campus Safety Andre Peterson Institute Patrol Officer
410.225.2355 apeterson02@mica.edu
Registrar Christine B. Peterson Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services & Registrar
443.423.1467 cpetersn@mica.edu
Enterprise Systems Amie M. Pfeifer PeopleSoft System Administrator
410.225.2201 apfeifer@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Owen M. Phelan Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2544 ophelan@mica.edu
MFA Community Arts Paula L. Phillips Faculty FT, MFA Community Arts
410.276.0715 pphillips@mica.edu
Film and Video Nicole Phillips Naylor Adjunct Faculty, Film and Video
OS Professional Practices Sidney H. Pink Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 spink@mica.edu
First Year Experience Ada R. Pinkston Adjunct Faculty, First Year Experience
410.225.2254 apinkston@mica.edu
Campus Safety Brian Pinson Institute Patrol Officer
410.225.2355 bpinson@mica.edu
MA Teaching (MAT) John Wesley Ploof Adjunct Faculty, MA Teaching
410.225.2297 jploof@mica.edu
First Year Experience Hugh E. Pocock Faculty FT, Foundation
410.225.2492 hpocock@mica.edu
Campus Safety Anthony Pointer Institute Patrol Officer
410.225.2355 apointer@mica.edu
MPS User Experience Design (UXD) Fran Polito Adjunct Faculty, User Experience Design
410.225.2219 fpolito@mica.edu
Graduate Studies Office Linnea T. Poole Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Studies Office
410.225.5274 lpoole@mica.edu
Fibers Valeska Maria Populoh Faculty FT, Fiber
410.225.2492 vpopuloh@mica.edu
MPS Data Analytics and Visualization Benjamin Porter Adjunct Faculty, MPS Information and Data Visualization
410.225.2219 bporter01@mica.edu
Open Studies Kate L. Porter Director, Youth and Community Education
410.225.2348 kporter01@mica.edu
Mount Royal School of Art Lucio Pozzi Adjunct Faculty, Mount Royal School of Art
410.225.2567 lpozzi@mica.edu
Academic Services Wendy L. Price Associate Vice President, Academic Services
410.225.4229 wprice@mica.edu
Painting Nancy Princenthal Fellow & Artist-in-Residence
410.225.2260 nprincenthal@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Alicia Puglionesi Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2350 apuglionesi@mica.edu
Pre-College Program Will Pyle Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 wpyle@mica.edu