MICA's international community of artists, designers, and educators is one of the most important resources we have to offer for our alumni. No matter where life takes you, we can help you stay connected to your MICA family.

Our alumni represent an international community of artists, designers, and educators -- the best evidence we have of the value of a MICA education.  They’re creative, curious, committed, talented, thoughtful, innovative, engaged and passionate, socially conscious, iconoclastic, purposeful, and successful -- with rich, compelling stories to tell and lives to admire.  

MICA alumni are visionary illustrators, graphic designers, animators, fine artists, entrepreneurs, muralists, photographers, curators, art educators, makers, and more. They are Academy and Emmy Award winners, Fulbright and MacArthur Fellows, and creative stars at Under Armour and Netflix. Their works have been experienced on screens and platforms of every type, and in museum spaces like the Whitney, Baltimore Museum of Art, MoMA, and Smithsonian.

This is community that you can connect with forever.