Faculty & Staff Directory
Maria Habib Faculty PT
Graduate Studies Ryan Hackett Faculty PT
Lazarus Center rhackett@mica.edu
Events Randolph W. Hadaway Administrative Asst
Bunting Center 4102252516 rhadaway@mica.edu
Educational Planning and Development Leanne M Hafer-Dippong Coordinator for Educational Planning and Development
Main Building . 410/225-2472 lhaferdippong@mica.edu
Erinn E. Hagerty Faculty FT Animation
Facilities Management Kirsten Haley Administrative Asst
Firehouse khaley@mica.edu
Forrest G. Hall Adjunct Faculty
Illustration Practice Kimberly Hall Faculty FT MFA Illustration Practice
Campus Safety Leah Hamm Security Guard
1501 W Mount Royal Avenue lhamm@mica.edu
Career Development Marsha Lynn Hammond Assistant Director of Career Development, Design & Media
Gateway 4102252420 mlynn@mica.edu
Richard Hankin Faculty PT
Illustration Melanie Hardy Administrative Assistant
Fox Building 4102254130 mhardy@mica.edu
Lucas Yasunaga Haroldsen Technician
Graduate Admission Christopher Harring Director of Graduate Admission
Graduate Studio Center 4102252255 charring@mica.edu
Graphic Design Jerome Harris Faculty FT Graphic Design
Brown Center jharris@mica.edu
Mark Harris Faculty PT
Meghann V Harris Adjunct Faculty
Building Sevices Shaneill Harris Custodian
Fire Station sharris05@mica.edu
Campus Safety Linda Harrison Institute Security Officer
1501 W. Mount Royal Avenue 4102252355 lharriso@mica.edu
Animation William Hartland Faculty PT
Brown Center whartland@mica.edu
Enrollment Services LaShay Harvey Counselor
Bunting Center 4102254219 lharvey01@mica.edu
Rinehart Graduate School of Sculpture Maren Hassinger Faculty PT
Mount Royal Station 4102252271 mhassing@mica.edu
Shatyra Hawkes Campus Safety
Campus Safety shawkes@mica.edu
Transportation Services Riley Hawkins Chief Shuttle Driver
Firehouse 4102252340 rhawkins@mica.edu
Toni Hawkins Faculty PT
Building Services Wanea Heard Custodian
The Firehouise wheard@mica.edu
Ceramics Joshua Hebbert Adjunct Faculty
Fox Building jhebbert@mica.edu
Fiber & Experimental Fashion Kendra L. Hebel Technician
Mount Royal Station 4102252218 khebel@mica.edu
Undergraduate Studies & Faculty Alexander J. Heilner Faculty FT Photography
1210 Mount Royal Avenue 4102252507 aheilner@mica.edu
Human Resources Jennifer Heinlein Administrative Coordinator
Bunting Building 4102252363 jheinlein@mica.edu
Foundation Stephen W Hendee Faculty FT Foundation
Main Building 4102252535 shendee@mica.edu
James J. Hennessey Emeritus
Facilities Management Herbert M. Henson Trade
Firehouse 4102252261 hhenson@mica.edu
Student Account Services Robinson Hernandez Director
Bunting Center . 4102254116 rhernandez02@mica.edu
Illustration Joyce Hesselberth Faculty FT Illustration
Fox Building 4102254130 jhesselberth@mica.edu
Foundation Noa Heyne Faculty PT
Main Building nheyne@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies William Hilgartner Adjunct Faculty
Bunting Center 4102252544 whilgartner@mica.edu
Facilities Charles Hill Custodian
Firehouse chill02@mica.edu
Product Design Jesse Hill Faculty PT
Dolphin Building jhill04@mica.edu
International Education Lauren Hill Assistant Director of International Student Services
Bunting Center 4102251680 lhill01@mica.edu
Photography Sara R. Hill Assistant Manager, Photography
Main Building . shill@mica.edu
Film and Video Nadia Hironaka Full Time Faculty
Brown Center 4102252382 nhironaka@mica.edu
Art History Jennifer Hirsh Faculty FT Art History
Bunting Center 2153276218 jhirsh@mica.edu
MFA Curatorial Practice/Graduate Studies Christopher Keith Ho Faculty PT
Lazarus Center cho01@mica.edu
Foundation LaToya Hobbs Faculty FT Foundation
Main Building lhobbs@mica.edu
Art Education/ MAT Lisa Hochtritt Faculty FT Art Education/MAT
Lazarus Center 4102254222 lhochtritt@mica.edu
Art History Jennifer Hock Faculty FT Art History
Bunting Center jhock01@mica.edu
Academic Affairs Amy N. Hodges Administrative Asst
Main Building 4102252319 ahodges01@mica.edu
Jeremy Ryan Hoffman Adjunct Faculty
Yumi Kim Hogan Adjunct Faculty
School for Professional and Continuing Studies Ryan Hoge Faculty PT
Bungalow . rhoge@mica.edu
Office of the President Samuel Hoi President
Main Building . 4102252237 shoi@mica.edu
Erica Holeman Faculty PT
Graphic Design eholeman@mica.edu
Foundation Kirsten D'Andrea Hollander Faculty FT Film & Video
Main Building 4102252535 khollander@mica.edu
Undergraduate Studies, Academic Affairs Tiffany Grace Holmes Vice Provost
Kim Holt Faculty PT
Davin Hong Faculty PT
Lillian Rose Bayley Hoover Adjunct Faculty
4102252535 lbayley@mica.edu
Interdisciplinary Sculpture Ryan M. Hoover Faculty FT Interdisciplinary Sculpture
Mount Royal Station . rhoover@mica.edu
Samuel Hopkins Faculty PT
Graphic Design Brockett Horne Full Time Faculty
Brown Center 4102254258 bhorne@mica.edu
Illustration Danamarie Hosler Adjunct Faculty
Fox Building dhosler@mica.edu
Art History Kerr Houston Faculty FT Art History
Bunting Center 4102252543 khouston@mica.edu
Campus Safety Brandon Howard Security Guard
1501 West Mount Royal Avevue bhoward01@mica.edu
Technology Systems & Services David Howard Lead Computer Technician
Art Tech Centre 4102252201 dhoward01@mica.edu
Advancement Kim Howard Administrative Asst
Main Building Annex 4102252262 khoward@mica.edu
MFA, Illustration Practice Annie Ann Howe Faculty PT
Lazarus Center dhowe01@mica.edu
Graduate Studies Phaan Howng Administrative Asst
Fred Lazarus khowng@mica.edu
Writing Studio Ralph Hubbell Adjunct Faculty
Bunting Center rhubbell@mica.edu
Building Services Maria A. Huitron Custodian
Firehouse 4102252385 mhuitron@mica.edu
Campus Safety Randy J. Humes Campus Safety
1501 W. Mount Royal Avenue 4102252355 rhumes@mica.edu
Building Services Joshua D Hunt Custodian
Firehouse 4102252385 jhunt@mica.edu
Technology Systems & Services Patrick A. Hunt Graduate Lab Manager
Studio Center 4102254106 phunt@mica.edu
Human Resources Trish Hunter Human Resources Specialist
Bunting Centre 4102252583 thunter01@mica.edu
Jennifer Hylton Adjunct Faculty