Faculty & Staff Directory
Graphic Design BFA Maria Habib Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design BFA
410.225.2382 mhabib@mica.edu
Educational Planning & Development Leanne M Hafer-Dippong Coordinator, Educational Planning and Development
410.225.2472 lhaferdippong@mica.edu
Graduate Studies Office Brian Hagermann Admin Assistant-NEX
Animation Erinn E. Hagerty Faculty FT, Animation
410.225.2495 ehagerty@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA Sara Hagstrom Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design
410.225.2537 shagstrom@mica.edu
Provost's Office Palden T Hamilton Adjunct Faculty, Provost's Office
410.225.2319 phamilton@mica.edu
Career Development Marsha Lynn Hammond Assistant Director, Design & Media
410.225.2420 mlynn@mica.edu
Graduate Studies Office Sarah Hammond Director, Academic Operations
410.225.5121 shammond@mica.edu
OS Young People's Studio Rae Hample Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 rhample@mica.edu
Product Design Jay Haon Adjunct Faculty, Product Design
Campus Safety E.J. Harper Security Guard
Graduate Admission Christopher Harring Associate Vice President, Graduate Admission
410.225.2255 charring@mica.edu
MA Teaching (MAT) Meghann V Harris Adjunct Faculty, MA Teaching (MAT)
410.225.2297 mharris01@mica.edu
OS Young People's Studio Melody Harris Adjunct Faculty, Young People's Studios
Buildings & Grounds Shaneill Harris Maintenance Technician I
Campus Safety Linda Harrison Institute Security Officer/Dispatcher
410.225.2355 lharriso@mica.edu
MPS Business of Art & Design Sandy Hart Adjunct Faculty, MPS Business of Art & Design
410.225.2219 shart@mica.edu
Graduate Studies Office Katie Hartley Program Coordinator, Graduate Studies: Student Focus
Graduate Studies Office LaShay Harvey Interim Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
410.225.4219 lharvey01@mica.edu
MPS User Experience Design (UXD) Marc Hausle Adjunct Faculty, User Experience Design
Transportation Services Riley Hawkins Chief Shuttle Driver
410.225.2340 rhawkins@mica.edu
MFA Studio Art Anthony Hawley Adjunct Faculty, Critical Studies I, MFA Studio Art
Photography Alexander J. Heilner Full Time Faculty, Film Centre
410.225.2206 aheilner@mica.edu
Human Resources Jennifer Heinlein PB&C Business Partner
410.225.2363 jheinlein@mica.edu
First Year Experience Stephen W Hendee Faculty FT, Foundation
410.225.2535 shendee@mica.edu
Residence Life Sharnelle Henry Assistant Director, Residential Communities
410.462.7598 shenry01@mica.edu
Physical Plant Herbert M. Henson Maintenance Tech III
410.225.2261 hhenson@mica.edu
Graduate Studies Office Maren Henson Program Coordinator (AY)
410.225.4129 mhenson@mica.edu
Center for Student Engagement Elli Hernandez Coordinator, Community Arts
Finance Robinson Hernandez Director, Student Accounts
410.225.4116 rhernandez02@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Elise Herrala Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2350 eherrala@mica.edu
Illustration BFA Joyce Hesselberth Faculty FT, Illustration
410.225.4130 jhesselberth@mica.edu
General Fine Arts Taha Heydari Adjunct Faculty, General Fine Arts
410.225.2260 theydari@mica.edu
Pre-College Program Jani Hileman Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2265 jhileman@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies William Hilgartner Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2544 whilgartner@mica.edu
Product Design Jesse Hill Adjunct Faculty, Product Design
Dolphin Building jhill04@mica.edu
Human Resources Shanna Hines Vice President, People Belonging and Culture
Film and Video Nadia Hironaka Full Time Faculty, Film and Video
410.225.2382 nhironaka@mica.edu
Art History Jennifer Hirsh Faculty FT, Art History
215.327.6218 jhirsh@mica.edu
First Year Experience LaToya Hobbs Faculty FT, Foundation
410.225.2535 lhobbs@mica.edu
MA Teaching (MAT) Lisa Hochtritt Full Time Faculty, MA Teaching
410.225.4222 lhochtritt@mica.edu
Art History Jennifer Hock Faculty FT, Art History
410.225.2350 jhock01@mica.edu
Open Studies Amy N. Hodges Director, Administrative Services
410.225.2365 ahodges01@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA Jeremy Ryan Hoffman Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design BFA
410.225.2382 jhoffman@mica.edu
Drawing Yumi Kim Hogan Adjunct Faculty, Drawing
410.225.2260 yhogan@mica.edu
President's Office Samuel Hoi President
410.225.2237 shoi@mica.edu
Film and Video Kirsten D'Andrea Hollander Full Time Faculty, MFA Filmmaking
410.225.2535 khollander@mica.edu
Counseling Center Dorian Holliday Counselor/Care Navigator
410.225.2265 dholliday@mica.edu
Provost's Office Tiffany Grace Holmes Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs & Provost
410.225.2296 tholmes@mica.edu
Provost's Office Ellen Hoobler Adjunct Faculty, Art History
Drawing Lillian Rose Bayley Hoover Adjunct Faculty, Drawing
410.225.2535 lbayley@mica.edu
Interdisciplinary Sculpture Ryan M. Hoover Faculty FT, Interdisc Sculpture
410.225.2492 rhoover@mica.edu
Illustration BFA Yohey Horishita Full-time Faculty, Illustration
Open Studies Dashielle Horn Director, Graduate Student Success
410.225.2282 dhorn01@mica.edu
MFA Graphic Design Brockett Horne Adjunct Faculty, MFA Graphic Design
410.225.4258 bhorne@mica.edu
Illustration BFA Danamarie Hosler Adjunct Faculty, Illustration BFA
410.225.4130 dhosler@mica.edu
Art History Kerr Houston Faculty FT, Art History
410.225.2543 khouston@mica.edu
Campus Safety Brandon Howard Institute Patrol Officer
410.225.2355 bhoward01@mica.edu
Technology Services David Howard Lead Computer Technician
410.225.2201 dhoward01@mica.edu
Development Kim Howard Executive Assistant
410.225.2262 khoward@mica.edu
Provost's Office Phaan Howng Adjunct Faculty, Provost's Office
410.225.2319 khowng@mica.edu
Provost's Office Ralph Hubbell Adjunct Faculty, Provost's Office
410.225.2319 rhubbell@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA Mikea Hugley Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design
410.225.2382 mhugley01@mica.edu
Building Services Maria A. Huitron Custodian
410.225.2385 mhuitron@mica.edu
Graduate Research Lab Patrick A. Hunt Manager, Graduate Lab
410.225.4106 phunt@mica.edu
Photography Mahtab Hussain Adjunct Faculty, Stuart B. Cooper Endowed Chair in Photography
Art History Jennifer Hylton Adjunct Faculty, Art History
410.225.2350 jhylton@mica.edu
Open Studies Tonya Hyman Registration Specialist