Faculty & Staff Directory
Campus Safety Mezerahyah N/A Security Guard
410.225.2355 mezerahyah@mica.edu
MPS User Experience Design (UXD) Feras Nabulsi Adjunct Faculty, User Experience Design
Product Design Julie Naga Adjunct Faculty, Product Design
410.225.7581 jnaga@mica.edu
Provost's Office Mika J. Nakano Adjunct Faculty, Provost's Office
410.225.2319 mnakano@mica.edu
MFA Graphic Design Shiva Nallaperumal Full-time Faculty and Designer in Residence, Graphic Design MFA
Financial Aid Ina Nallbani Assistant Director, Financial Aid
410.225.2341 hnallbani@mica.edu
Campus Safety Diana Nance Security Guard
Film and Video Jamie Nash Adjunct Faculty, Film and Video
410.225.2567 jnash@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA Joe Natoli Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design
410.225.2382 jnatoli@mica.edu
Pre-College Program Kat Navarro Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 knavarro@mica.edu
Human Resources Andrea L Neal Director of Equity Compliance
Illustration BFA Danielle Nekimken Adjunct Faculty, Illustration
Rinehart School of Sculpture Adam Nelson Adjunct Faculty, Rinehart School of Sculpture
410.225.2302 anelson04@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA Spence J. Nelson Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design BFA
410.225.2382 snelson01@mica.edu
Painting Barry A. Nemett Faculty FT, Painting
410.225.2260 bnemett@mica.edu
OS Young People's Studio Lisa A Nersessian Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 lmanasar@mica.edu
Campus Safety Sean Newton Security Guard
410.225.2355 snewton01@mica.edu
Center for Creative Citizenship Abby Neyenhouse Director, Creative Citizenship
410.225.2504 aneyenhouse@mica.edu
MPS User Experience Design (UXD) T. Annie Nguyen Adjunct Faculty, User Experience Design
Painting Vian Nguyen Adjunct Faculty, Painting
Campus Safety Marcus Nichols Security Guard
410.225.2355 mnichols01@mica.edu
Facilities Management Scott Nobel Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
410.225.4134 snobel@mica.edu
Product Design Juan Noguera Full Time Faculty
410.225.7581 jnoguera@mica.edu