Faculty & Staff Directory
Fibers April Elaine Camlin Adjunct Faculty, Fibers
410.225.2492 acamlin@mica.edu
Art History Charley Camp Adjunct Faculty, Art History
410.225.2350 jcamp@mica.edu
Office of Research Kiscia Cannon Director, Office of Research
410.225.4110 kcannon01@mica.edu
Graduate Studies Office Kathryn Carlsen Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Studies Office
410.225.5274 kcarlsen01@mica.edu
First Year Experience Angela Carroll Adjunct Faculty, First Year Experience
Career Development Kristen M Carroll Associate Director of Employer Relations
410.225.5128 kcarroll01@mica.edu
Undergraduate Studies Erika S. Carruth Director, Administrative Services
410.225.2431 ecarruth@mica.edu
Art History Jenny Carson Faculty FT, Art History
410.225.2544 jcarson@mica.edu
Residence Life Emani Carter Graduate Community Assistant
Center for Identity and Inclusion Tyannis Carter Assistant Director, Office of Culture & Identity
443.552.1659 tcarter01@mica.edu
First Year Experience Carolyn Case Faculty FT, Foundation
410.225.2535 ccase@mica.edu
MFA Curatorial Practice Emmy Catedral Adjunct Faculty, MFA Curatorial Practice
410.225.2302 ecatedral@mica.edu
MPS Data Analytics and Visualization Amy Cesal Adjunct Faculty, MPS Information & Data Visualization
410.225.2219 acesal@mica.edu
Painting Lauren Chang Program & Model Coordinator
410.225.2240 lchang02@mica.edu
Photography Chan Chao Adjunct Faculty, Photography
410.225.2206 cchao@mica.edu
Strategic Communications Emily Chappell Manager, Institutional Communications and Public Relations
410.225.2503 echappell@mica.edu
Ceramics Rebecca Chappell Adjunct Faculty, Ceramics
410.225.2492 rchappell@mica.edu
Painting Zoƫ Charlton Adjunct Faculty, Painting
410.225.2260 zcharlton@mica.edu
First Year Experience Courtney Chase Adjunct Faculty, First Year Experience
410.225.2535 cchase01@mica.edu
Drawing Cindy Ho Kwan Cheng Faculty FT, Drawing
410.225.2265 ccheng@mica.edu
Undergraduate Fine Arts Mina Cheon Associate Dean
410.225.2535 mcheon@mica.edu
Animation Frank YJ Cho Adjunct Faculty
Graphic Design BFA Hayelin Choi Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design BFA
410.225.2382 hchoi02@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA VIRGINIA CHOW Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design
410.225.2382 vchow@mica.edu
BCAN Sharayna Christmas Program Director
305.778.0176 schristmas01@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA Laura C. Churchman Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design BFA
410.225.2382 lchurchman@mica.edu
MFA Graphic Design Bob Cicero Adjunct Faculty, MFA Graphic Design
410.225.2382 rcicero@mica.edu
MFA Filmmaking Nate Clapp Adjunct Faculty, MFA Filmmaking
410.225.2567 nclapp@mica.edu
MA/MBA Design Leadership Glennette Clark Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 gclark02@mica.edu
Open Studies Jacqueline Clements Registration Specialist
410.225.2219 jclements@mica.edu
Painting Julia Eve Clift Adjunct Faculty, Painting
410.225.2260 jclift@mica.edu
Game Design Nicholas Clinkscales Adjunct Faculty
Graduate Admission Julia Clouser Graduate Admission Counselor
First Year Experience David W. Cloutier Faculty FT, Foundation
410.225.2535 dcloutier@mica.edu
Undergraduate Admission Madison Coan Assistant Director, First Year Admission
410.225.2565 mcoan@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Helene A. Coccagna Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2350 hcoccagna@mica.edu
Events Ashe Brieanna Coddington Assistant Events Coordinator
410.225.2516 acoddington@mica.edu
MFA Graphic Design Jennifer Cole Phillips Faculty FT, MFA Graphic Design
410.225.2382 jphillips@mica.edu
Campus Safety Andrew Tyrone Coles Security Guard
410.225.2355 acoles@mica.edu
Campus Safety Shakkia Collins Institute Patrol Officer
410.225.2355 scollins@mica.edu
Product Design Mark Colton Adjunct Faculty, Product Design
410.225.7581 mcolton@mica.edu
Illustration BFA Allan A. Comport Full Time Faculty, Illustration
410.669.3177 acomport@mica.edu
Product Design Gabe Concari Adjunct Faculty, Product Design
410.225.7581 gconcari@mica.edu
First Year Experience Jim Condron Adjunct Faculty, First Year Experience
410.591.6188 jcondron@mica.edu
MPS Data Analytics and Visualization Cory Christopher Cone Open Studies Faculty
410.225.7516 ccone@mica.edu
Rinehart School of Sculpture Kevin Cook Adjunct Faculty, Rinehart School of Sculpture
410.225.2302 kcook01@mica.edu
Facilities Management Samuel Cooke Project Manager, Construction Services
410.225.2261 scooke01@mica.edu
Registrar Leah D. Cooper Assistant Director, Academic Advising
410.225.2315 lcooper@mica.edu
Physical Plant Matthew Cooper Maintenance Tech III
410.225.4250 mcooper01@mica.edu
Strategic Communications Andrew Copeland Manager, Content Development & In-House Creative
410.225.2295 acopeland@mica.edu
Interdisciplinary Sculpture Robert A. Copskey Adjunct Faculty, Interdisciplinary Sculpture
410.225.2492 rcopskey@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Robin Corbet Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2350 rcorbet@mica.edu
MA/MBA Design Leadership Blair Corcoran de Castillo Adjunct Faculty, Design Leadership
Center for Social Design Graham M. Coreil-Allen Social Design Assoicate
410.225.2492 gcoreilallen@mica.edu
Graduate Studies Office Alicia Marie Corman Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Studies Office
410.225.5274 acorman@mica.edu
First Year Experience Eduardo Corral Faculty FT, Foundation
Development Dana S Costello Director, Advancement Services
410.225.4269 dcostello@mica.edu
Printmaking Amy Cousins Adjunct Faculty
Fibers Annet Couwenberg Faculty FT, Fiber
410.225.2218 acouwenb@mica.edu
Decker Library Katherine Anne Cowan Special Collections Librarian
410.225.2714 kcowan@mica.edu
Student Affairs Louise Cracknell Assistant Director for Student Development
410.225.2422 lcracknell@mica.edu
Campus Safety Betty Crawford Security Guard
410.225.2355 bcrawford@mica.edu
Telecom & Network Services Seth Crawford Network Technician
410.225.4226 scrawford@mica.edu
OS Young People's Studio Caroline Jeanette Creeden Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 ccreeden@mica.edu
MPS Business of Art & Design Bonnie Crockett Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 bcrockett@mica.edu
Campus Safety Timothy Crooms Institute Patrol Officer
410.225.2355 tcrooms@mica.edu
Strategic Initiatives Kai Crosby-Singleton Community Liaison
Transportation Services Damon T Crutchfield Manager, Transportation & Operations Services
410.225.2340 dcrutchfield@mica.edu
Campus Safety Tanya Cruz Security Guard
410.225.2355 tcruz01@mica.edu
Fabrication Studios Margo Csipo Fabrication Technician, Form & Space (AY)
Open Studies Lindsay Cubbage Assistant Director, Brand Marketing
410.552.1642 lcubbage@mica.edu
MFA Curatorial Practice Jeffry H. Cudlin Faculty FT, MFA Curatorial Practice
410.225.2302 jcudlin@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Adam R. Culver Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2350 aculver01@mica.edu
Art History Ellen B Cutler Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2544 ecutler@mica.edu
Residence Life Christopher Czapla Residential Coordinator - Upperclassmen Communities