Faculty & Staff Directory
OS Young People's Studio Aaron Caldwell Adjunct Faculty, Young People's Studios
Art History Charley Camp Adjunct Faculty, Art History
410.225.2350 jcamp@mica.edu
Office of Research Kiscia Cannon Director, Office of Research
410.225.4110 kcannon01@mica.edu
Graduate Studies Office Kathryn Carlsen Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Studies Office
410.225.5274 kcarlsen01@mica.edu
First Year Experience Angela Carroll Adjunct Faculty, First Year Experience
Career Development Kristen M Carroll Associate Director of Employer Relations
410.225.5128 kcarroll01@mica.edu
Undergraduate Studies Erika S. Carruth Director, Administrative Services
410.225.2431 ecarruth@mica.edu
Art History Jenny Carson Faculty FT, Art History
410.225.2544 jcarson@mica.edu
Center for Identity and Inclusion Tyannis Carter Assistant Director, Office of Culture & Identity
443.552.1659 tcarter01@mica.edu
Product Design Ryan Scott Carver Adjunct Faculty, Product Design
First Year Experience Carolyn Case Faculty FT, Foundation
410.225.2535 ccase@mica.edu
MFA Curatorial Practice Emmy Catedral Adjunct Faculty, MFA Curatorial Practice
410.225.2302 ecatedral@mica.edu
MPS Data Analytics and Visualization Amy Cesal Adjunct Faculty, MPS Information & Data Visualization
410.225.2219 acesal@mica.edu
Painting Lauren Chang Program & Model Coordinator
410.225.2240 lchang02@mica.edu
Fibers Rosa Chang Adjunct Faculty
Photography Chan Chao Adjunct Faculty, Photography
410.225.2206 cchao@mica.edu
First Year Experience Maia Chao Full Time Faculty, Social Practice in First Year Experience
Ceramics Rebecca Chappell Adjunct Faculty, Ceramics
410.225.2492 rchappell@mica.edu
First Year Experience Courtney Chase Adjunct Faculty, First Year Experience
410.225.2535 cchase01@mica.edu
Drawing Cindy Ho Kwan Cheng Faculty FT, Drawing
410.225.2265 ccheng@mica.edu
Undergraduate Fine Arts Mina Cheon Associate Dean
410.225.2535 mcheon@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA Christopher Chester Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design
Animation Frank YJ Cho Adjunct Faculty, Animation
Graphic Design BFA Hayelin Choi Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design BFA
410.225.2382 hchoi02@mica.edu
BCAN Sharayna Christmas Program Director
305.778.0176 schristmas01@mica.edu
Graphic Design BFA Laura C. Churchman Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design BFA
410.225.2382 lchurchman@mica.edu
MFA Graphic Design Bob Cicero Adjunct Faculty, MFA Graphic Design
410.225.2382 rcicero@mica.edu
MA/MBA Design Leadership Glennette Clark Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 gclark02@mica.edu
Open Studies Jacqueline Clements Registration Specialist
410.225.2219 jclements@mica.edu
Game Design Nicholas Clinkscales Adjunct Faculty, Game Design
Graduate Admission Julia Clouser Graduate Admission Counselor
First Year Experience David W. Cloutier Faculty FT, Foundation
410.225.2535 dcloutier@mica.edu
Events Ashe Brieanna Coddington Assistant Events Coordinator
410.225.2516 acoddington@mica.edu
MA Teaching (MAT) Hannah Cohen Adjunct Faculty, Art Education
MFA Graphic Design Jennifer Cole Phillips Faculty FT, MFA Graphic Design
410.225.2382 jphillips@mica.edu
Campus Safety Andrew Tyrone Coles Security Guard
410.225.2355 acoles@mica.edu
Campus Safety Shakkia Collins Institute Patrol Officer
410.225.2355 scollins@mica.edu
Product Design Mark Colton Adjunct Faculty, Product Design
410.225.7581 mcolton@mica.edu
Illustration BFA Allan A. Comport Full Time Faculty, Illustration
410.669.3177 acomport@mica.edu
First Year Experience Jim Condron Adjunct Faculty, First Year Experience
410.591.6188 jcondron@mica.edu
MPS Data Analytics and Visualization Cory Christopher Cone Open Studies Faculty
410.225.7516 ccone@mica.edu
Facilities Management Samuel Cooke Project Manager, Construction Services
410.225.2261 scooke01@mica.edu
Registrar Leah D. Cooper Assistant Director, Academic Advising
410.225.2315 lcooper@mica.edu
Physical Plant Matthew Cooper Maintenance Tech III
410.225.4250 mcooper01@mica.edu
Interdisciplinary Sculpture Robert A. Copskey Adjunct Faculty, Interdisciplinary Sculpture
410.225.2492 rcopskey@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Robin Corbet Adjunct Faculty, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2350 rcorbet@mica.edu
MA/MBA Design Leadership Blair Corcoran de Castillo Adjunct Faculty, Design Leadership
Graphic Design BFA Carla Viviana Cordova Chacon Adjunct Faculty, Graphic Design
Center for Social Design Graham M. Coreil-Allen Social Design Assoicate
410.225.2492 gcoreilallen@mica.edu
Graduate Studies Office Alicia Marie Corman Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Studies Office
410.225.5274 acorman@mica.edu
First Year Experience Eduardo Corral Faculty FT, Foundation
Development Dana S Costello Director, Advancement Services
410.225.4269 dcostello@mica.edu
Printmaking Amy Cousins Adjunct Faculty
Fibers Annet Couwenberg Faculty FT, Fiber
410.225.2218 acouwenb@mica.edu
Decker Library Katherine Anne Cowan Special Collections Librarian
410.225.2714 kcowan@mica.edu
MPS Data Analytics and Visualization Mitchel Cox Adjunct Faculty, Data Analytics and Visualization
Fibers Monique Crabb Adjunct Faculty, Fiber
Student Affairs Louise Cracknell Assistant Director for Student Development
410.225.2422 lcracknell@mica.edu
Campus Safety Betty Crawford Security Guard
410.225.2355 bcrawford@mica.edu
Telecom & Network Services Seth Crawford Network Technician
410.225.4226 scrawford@mica.edu
Career Development Georgia Creson Interim Director, Career Development
MPS Product Management ADRIAN CROCKETT Adjunct Faculty, Master in Professional Studies (MPS) Product Management
MPS Business of Art & Design Bonnie Crockett Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2219 bcrockett@mica.edu
Campus Safety Timothy Crooms Institute Patrol Officer
410.225.2355 tcrooms@mica.edu
Transportation Services Damon T Crutchfield Manager, Transportation & Operations Services
410.225.2340 dcrutchfield@mica.edu
Campus Safety Tanya Cruz Security Guard
410.225.2355 tcruz01@mica.edu
Fabrication Studios Margo Csipo Fabrication Technician, Form & Space (AY)
Strategic Communications Lindsay Cubbage Associate Director, Creative and Project Management
410.552.1642 lcubbage@mica.edu
MFA Curatorial Practice Jeffry H. Cudlin Faculty FT, MFA Curatorial Practice
410.225.2302 jcudlin@mica.edu
Art History Ellen B Cutler Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
410.225.2544 ecutler@mica.edu
Residence Life Christopher Czapla Residential Coordinator - Upperclassmen Communities