Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Please stay tuned for more information on Fall 2022 exhibitions. 

Sep. 16
Oct. 02

Chip Kidd presents Batman Black & White

Award winning designer, Chip Kidd who is also a Batman aficionado was inspired to invite some of the world's greatest illustrators to sketch a Batman Black and White cover. See 165 different, original covers! Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday, 10 a.m.-5…
Sep. 21
Dec. 09

Backwards and Forwards

After the last couple years living through historical events and constantly redefining "normal", what are we taking with us and what are we leaving behind? We are accepting works that explore themes of revivals, renewals, metamorphosis…
Sep. 29
Oct. 31

TL;DR Zine exhibition

The TL;DR Zine Exhibition brings together zines from various collections that explore four themes relevant to the MICA community: Collection 1 The TL;DR Zine Archive is a collection of zines organized by two MICA alumni at Washington University in St…
Sep. 30
Oct. 09

Class of 20 x 21 Exhibition

Celebrate our Class of 2020 & 2021 students with this special exhibition. The 20x21 Exhibition, showcases the art of both classes whose graduating experience was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  
Sep. 30
Oct. 21

bathhouse by Chunyun Han

These whole series of figure sculptures were inspired by the missing public bathhouse culture in north China. The conflict between traditional cultural values and the needs of modern urban development. For the most part of the 20th Century, before hot…
Sep. 30
Oct. 21

Faithful Rind by Lily Antilla

The work featured in Faithful Rind is an ode to generational trauma, and healing. I am a sculptor, performance artist, and fabricator, dedicated to exploring material as it relates to my history. Each piece is imbued with my body. They connect to various…
Sep. 30
Oct. 21
" Oil on canvas,18*24, 2022, Heejo Kim, 2023, LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting"

Hi, could you spare some time for me? by Heejo Kim

"Hi, could you spare some time for me?” This is what I desperately wanted to tell others when I felt overwhelmed but at the same time the most difficult thing to say. There could be many reasons such as not wanting to impose on someone, not feeling comfortable…
Sep. 30
Oct. 21

Shedding Velvet by Gil Dickinson

Shedding Velvet is a love letter to the patterns and textures of the natural world. The high contrast of single color block printing allows me to imply harsh light while limiting the ways in which I am able to convey the presence of different materials…
Sep. 30
Oct. 21
Digital illustration by BreAnden Benson, 2022.

Weathering Through by BreAnden Benson

Weathering Through" is a show comprised of various illustrative explorations from the last three years, arranged in cyclical fashion inspired by the changing of seasons.
Oct. 03
Nov. 06

Up Before the Sun, work by William Downs

MICA alumnus and educator William Downs (’03 Mt Royal School of Art) creates allegorical drawings and paintings that, in his words: “attempt to archive a particular emotion based on autobiographical experience.” Over the past few years, Downs has shifted…
Nov. 07
Dec. 02

Texture Archives

Texture Archives (2022) is collection of material samples that show the many possibilities of color, shape, texture and form-both old and new, natural and synthetic. Arranged by color, one can see the subtle or harsh differences between textures. Suggested…