Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

During Fall 2021, MICA’s campus is open to students, full-time employees, and specific categories of visitors (see our Operational Mode 4 Visitor Policy webpage for details). On-campus exhibitions are closed to the general public at this time.  To see a calendar of past exhibitions, visit here.

Dec. 01
Jan. 29

AIDS & Art: Artists in an Epidemic

In June of 1981, the CDC published details on the first U.S. cases of an illness that would soon after be known as AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). While those initially diagnosed with AIDS were predominately gay men, HIV (human immunodeficiency…
Dec. 15
Feb. 28

Unravel the Code 2021

Unravel the Code showcases the final projects of students in the state-of- the-art interdisciplinary graduate and undergraduate course by the same name at MICA. Taught by Annet Couwenberg and Ryan Hoover the students draw from traditional crafts to explore…
Feb. 11
May. 06


The Decker Library is proud to announce our 5th bi-annual Community Show, ART IS NOT ENOUGH, on view from February 11 through May 6, 2022. This exhibition includes works from the MICA community as they explore ideas of protest, activism, and action. An…