Faculty & Staff Directory
Film and Video Ben O'Brien Adjunct Faculty, Film and Video
Illustration BFA Patrick O'Brien Adjunct Faculty, Illustration BFA
Architectural Design Katie O'Meara Faculty FT, Architectural Design
410.225.2240 komeara@mica.edu
Pre-College Program Bart O'Reilly Adjunct Faculty, Open Studies
Graduate Studies Office Cara Ober Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Studies Office
410.225.2260 cober@mica.edu
First Year Experience Janet Anne Olney Adjunct Faculty, First Year Experience
MFA Graphic Design Annaka Olsen Adjunct Faculty, MFA Graphic Design
Architectural Design Benjamin B. Olshin Adjunct Faculty, Architectural Design
Postal & Print Services Daniel R. Olson Manager, Postal & Print Services
410.225.2446 dolson01@mica.edu
MPS User Experience Design (UXD) Jennifer Onyeagbako Adjunct Faculty, User Experience Design (MPS)
Humanistic Studies Alan Orr Faculty FT, Humanistic Studies
410.225.2302 dorr@mica.edu
Art History Bodil Ottesen Adjunct Faculty, Art History
410.225.2544 bottesen@mica.edu