Faculty & Staff Directory
Michael Tager Advancement Database Coordinator
Advancement Database Coordinator mtager@mica.edu
Campus Safety Justin R Taylor Campus Safety
1501 W. Mount Royal Avenue 4102252355 jtaylor03@mica.edu
Campus Safety Alvin Jerome Tayree Campus Safety
1501 W Mount Royal Avenue atayree@mica.edu
Art History Anatole Tchikine Adjunct Faculty
Bunting Centre atchikine@mica.edu
Undergraduate Admission Kelly Teeling Director of Freshman Admission
Main Building 4102252222 kteeling@mica.edu
Art Education/MAT Benjamin Tellie Faculty PT
Lazarus Center btellie@mica.edu
Foundation Dominic A. Terlizzi Adjunct Faculty
Main Building dterlizzi@mica.edu
DeAnna Gertrude Thomas Faculty PT
Printmaking Jonathan B Thomas Full Time Faculty
Dolphin Building 4102252318 jthomas@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies LaRonika Thomas Faculty PT
Building Services Nigel Thomas Custodian
Firehouse nthomas01@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Chezia B. Thompson Faculty FT Humanistic Studies
Bunting Center 4102252298 cthompso@mica.edu
Open Studies Rachel Thompson Faculty PT
Hayley Powers Thornton-Kennedy Faculty PT
Mikela Ann Thrasher Faculty PT
Animation Ryan Thurber Faculty PT
Brown Building rthurber@mica.edu
Graphic Design Brooke Genelle Thyng Faculty PT
Brown Center bthyng@mica.edu
Printmaking Robert L. Tillman Faculty FT Printmaking
Dolphin Building 4102252318 rtillman@mica.edu
Painting Kenneth B Tisa Faculty FT Painting
Fox Building 4102252260 ktisa@mica.edu
Undergraduate Admission Sarah Ruth Titford Coordinator of International Recruitment & Relations
Main Building 4102252222 stitford@mica.edu
Dalton Tong Faculty PT
Alessandra Torres Adjunct Faculty
4102252222 storres@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Ruth Toulson Faculty FT Humanistic Studies
Bunting Center 4102252462 rtoulson@mica.edu
Facilities Management Robert Tracey Trade
Firehouse . 4432252317 rtracey@mica.edu
James Travers Faculty PT
Career Development Erin M Treacy Fulbright Program Advisor
Gateway 4102252420 etreacy@mica.edu
Graduate Studies René Trevino Adjunct Faculty
Bunting Center 4102252255 rtrevino@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Eglute Trinkauskaite Faculty FT Humanistic Studies
Bunting Center 4102252350 etrinkauske@mica.edu
Campus Safety Marlon Tucker Campus Safety
1501 W. Mount Royal Avenue 4102252355 mtucker@mica.edu
Jesse Wallace Turnbull Adjunct Faculty
4106693177 jturnbull@mica.edu
Graphic Design Dare Turner Faculty PT
Lazarus Center dturner01@mica.edu
Campus Safety Rayco Turner Security Guard
1501 W. Mount Royal Avenue rturner01@mica.edu
Financial Aid George T Tyree Associate Director of Financial Aid
Bunting Center 4102252226 gtyree@mica.edu