Faculty & Staff Directory
Adam Bachman Faculty PT
Art History Susan S. Badder Faculty PT
Bunting Center 410/225-2544 sbadder@mica.edu
Campus Safety Gloria Bailey Security Guard
1501 Mount Royal Avenue 4102252355 gbailey@mica.edu
Photography Thomas Baird Emeritus
Main Building 4102252206 hbaird@mica.edu
Johnathan Edward Baker Faculty PT
Michael Baker Faculty PT
Open Studies Joel Baldwin Faculty PT
Open Studies Brandon Ball Faculty PT
Graphic Design Lindsay Ballant Adjunct Faculty
Brown Center lballant@mica.edu
Video & Film Arts Stephanie Barber Adjunct Faculty
Brown Center 4102252567 sbarber@mica.edu
Sara E. Barnes Faculty PT
Ceramics Sarah Z. Barnes Manager
Fox Building 4102252251 sbarnes@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies John R. Barry Adjunct Faculty
Bunting Center 4102252544 jbarry@mica.edu
Academic Services Cynthia M. Barth Emeritus
Bunting Center 4102254229 cbarth@mica.edu
Mount Royal School of Art Frances Barth Emeritus
Studio Center fbarth@mica.edu
Art Education Donna R. Basik Faculty FT Art Education/MAT
Lazarus Center 4102252538 dbasik@mica.edu
Undergraduate Studies & Faculty Joseph J. Basile Faculty FT Art History
Bunting Center 4102254276 jbasile@mica.edu
Graduate Admissions Mary K. Baum Graduate Admission Counselor
Lazarus Center mbaum@mica.edu
Art Education Zlata Baum Full Time Faculty
Lazarus Center 4102252539 zbaum@mica.edu
Art History Barbara Baxter Adjunct Faculty
Bunting Center 4102252544 bbaxter@mica.edu
Strategic Communications Erin Baynham Social Media Strategist
1212 W Mount Royal Avenue ebaynham@mica.edu
Undergraduate Admission Theresa Lynch Bedoya Vice President for Admissions & Financial Aid
Main Building 4102252434 tbedoya@mica.edu
Roger Begrich Faculty PT
Foundation Catherine Behrent Faculty FT Foundation
Main Building 4102252535 cbehrent@mica.edu
Lazarus Center Mollye Bendell Technology Research Assistant
Graduate Research Assistant mbendell@mica.edu
Graphic Design MFA Kimberly Bentley Adjunct Faculty
Brown Center kbentley@mica.edu
Transportation Services William L Bentley Driver
Firehouse 4102252340 wbentley@mica.edu
Open Studies Ilise Benun Faculty PT
Master of Arts in Community Arts Kristina Lynn Berdan Adjunct Faculty
1210 Mount Royal Avenue 4102252587 kberdan@mica.edu
Open Studies Christy Bergland Faculty PT
Events Nathan S Best Manager, Performance Spaces
Gateway . 4102252516 nbest@mica.edu
Art Education/MAT Bryan S Bieniek Adjunct Faculty
Lazarus Center bbieniek@mica.edu
Albert Birney Adjunct Faculty
Brown Center abirney@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Jess L. Bither Adjunct Faculty
Bunting Center jbither@mica.edu
Graphic Design Kristian Bjornard Faculty FT Graphic Design
Brown Center kbjornard@mica.edu
Enrollment Services Edna Blackwell Administrative Asst
Bunting Center 410/225-2315 eblackwell@mica.edu
Campus Safety Matilda Blankenship Institute Patrol Officer
1501 W Mount Royal Avenue mblankenship@mica.edu
Decker Library Aaron James Blickenstaff Specialist
Bunting Center . 4102252272 ablickenstaff@mica.edu
Campus Safety Derrell Blue Security Guard
1501 W. Mount Royal Abenue dblue@mica.edu
Interdisciplinary Sculpture Tommy Bobo Faculty PT
Mount Royal Station tbobo@mica.edu
Open Studies Kyle Alan Bodt Faculty PT
Academic Affairs David Bogen Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost
Main Building 4102252319 dbogen@mica.edu
Operations Christopher L. Bohaska Director
Firehouse 4102252490 cbohaska@mica.edu
Exhibitions John Michael Bohl Trade
Fox Building 4102252280 jbohl@mica.edu
Chakaia Booker Faculty PT
Amy Boone-McCreesh Faculty PT
Rinehart School of Sculpture MFA Tom Boram Faculty PT
Lazarus tboram@mica.edu
Lowell Boston Faculty PT
Brown Center lboston@mica.edu
Art History William Bourland Adjunct Faculty
Bunting Center . 4102252544 wbourland@mica.edu
Open Studies Jamie Bowerman Faculty PT
Lazarus Center jbowerman@mica.edu
Open Studies Hayes Elizabeth Bowie Faculty PT
Student Account Services Danielle N. Bowly Administrative Asst
Bunting Center 4102252212 dbowly@mica.edu
Finance Karie Bowman Director
Bunting Building 4102252573 kbowman@mica.edu
Open Studies Heather Bradbury Director of Master of Professional Studies Programs
1229 Mount Royal Avenue 4102252282 hbradbury@mica.edu
Illustration Rebecca Bradley Faculty FT Illustration
Fox Building 4102254130 rbradley@mica.edu
Foundation Hannah L. Brancato Adjunct Faculty
Main Building hbrancato@mica.edu
Fiber & Foundation Susie Brandt Faculty FT Fiber
Mount Royal Station Building 4102252218 sbrandt@mica.edu
Photography Heather G. Braxton Photography Lab Assistant
Main Building 4102252206 hbraxton@mica.edu
Art History Ross Darryl Brendle Faculty PT
Bunting Building rbrendle@mica.edu
Campus Safety Tajuanisha Brice Security Guard
1501 W Mount Royal Avenue tbrice@mica.edu
Environmental Health & Safety Samantha Lynne Brodowski Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator
Firehouse 4104627593 sbrodowski@mica.edu
Mount Royal School of Art David B. Brody Adjunct Faculty
Fox Building 4102252347 dbrody@mica.edu
Interdisciplinary Sculpture David Brooks Faculty FT Interdisciplinary Sculpture
Mount Royal Station dbrooks@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Mikita Brottman Faculty FT Humanistic Studies
Bunting Center 4102252462 mbrottma@mica.edu
Exhibitions Carla J. Brown Manager
Fox Building 4102252259 cbrown@mica.edu
Architectural and Environmental Design Christopher Brown Adjunct Faculty
Fox Building cbrown07@mica.edu
Holden Michael Brown Faculty PT
Campus Safety John Brown Security Guard
1501 W Mount Royal Ave jbrown07@mica.edu
Campus Safety Kolby Brown Security Guard
1501 Mount Royal Avenue kbrown07@mica.edu
School for Professional and Continuing Studies Nicoletta Darita de la Brown Faculty PT
1229 W. Mount Royal Ave. 4102252219 nbrown01@mica.edu
Humanistic Studies Nina Brown Adjunct Faculty
Bunting Center 410/225-2544 nbrown@mica.edu
Illustration Bart Browne Adjunct Faculty
Fox Building bbrowne@mica.edu
Mount Royal School of Art Tania Bruguera Faculty PT
Main Building tbruguera@mica.edu
Will Patrick Bryson Faculty PT
Art Education Joyce Ann Bucci Emeritus
Fox Building jbucci@mica.edu
Post-Bacc. Graphic Design Amanda L. Buck Adjunct Faculty
Fox Building abuck@mica.edu
Finance Melissa A. Buckingham Director of Payroll
Bunting Center 4102252123 mbuckingham@mica.edu
General Fine Arts Ellen Burchenal Adjunct Faculty
Fox Building 4102252260 eburchenal@mica.edu
Graphic Design Abraham Burickson Faculty PT
Advancement Lillian Burke Associate Vice President for Development & Constituent Relations
Main Building Annex 4102252263 lburke@mica.edu
Technology Systems & Services Cathy Burrier Director
Bunting Center 4102252201 cburrier@mica.edu
Richard Bussey Faculty PT
Campus Safety Walter Butler Security Guard
1501 Mount Royal Avenue wbutler@mica.edu
Academic Affairs Luca Buvoli Full Time Faculty
Main Building lbuvoli@mica.edu
Campus Safety Marlon Byrd Associate Vice President of Campus Safety
1501 West Mount Royal Ave mbyrd01@mica.edu