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Super Secret Business 1 2021
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Super Secret Business 2 2021
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Super Secret Business 3 2021

SSB is a project that began as a real-time strategy game (like Close Combat ) specifically targeted at a hole in the nascent iOS gaming market. However, the complexities of coding real-time intelligence for squad-based units were insurmountable for the team I initially enlisted. Responding to the failings of the first effort, the real-time and squad-based behavioral components were scrapped and replaced with individual units, controlled by players, on a turn-by-turn basis ( a lá tabletop combat systems like Dungeons and Dragons ).

The second attempt also failed, but this was due to inadequecies in the design specifications and gameplay documentation that were my responsibility to provide. Without a clear vision, development was ultimately abandoned.

That was not the way to do it. This project is an attempt to holistically and comprehensively address the shortcomings of past attempts and, in doing so, deliver a bullet-proof, complete design vision for a final product.

UX Design (MPS) Students