Charlie Bradley III


UDIO (you-dee-o) is a mobile application that will allow its users to search for, find and rent studio spaces to create art in various mediums. There are three unique user types for UDIO, persons who want to rent studio space to create art, persons who desire to lease their studio space to others, and business owners who wish to reach their customers on a platform that caters to artists.

This application will be similar to Airbnb, except for artists to rent by the hour. When artists list their studio on UDIO, they set time frames during each day when their studio is open to other artists. They can do this for weeks or months at a time. Other artists can then book time in their studio based on availability. Studio space can be rented by multiple artists each day based on open time frames. Lastly, UDIO will have a searchable database of art supplies stores by allowing business owners to list their art supply businesses and the type of art supplies they sell. Their business profiles will link to their respective websites.

UX Design (MPS) Students