Jenine Makeda Providence


Unfortunately, it is common knowledge that illegal pink tax practices and general misinformation about cars force a lot of women to make less than informed decisions when it comes to their car maintenance. What’s worse is that many women feel stressed out and anxiety-ridden at the very thought of visiting a car dealership so much so, that many choose to not even be present for such an exciting day! Others say that they must have a male friend go with them in order to even be treated fairly.

But what if we could teach not just women, but everyone who feels similarly to this, what to expect when it comes to their specific car choice? What if we were honest about comparative shop pricing based on user feedback and verified recent visits and offered users pre-pay options for booked auto services so that the anxiety of being accosted at an auto shop for additional unnecessary services is no longer considered just a normal part of the experience?

With this came the idea for Digi Dash, the idea behind this app being a simple one: a digital personal assistant for car owners where they could get tips on their specific car’s maintenance needs based on research from other owners, where appointments could be made ahead of time with no forced add-ons and honest pricing is always the focus- where they could read what others have paid and experienced at various auto shops and leave their own reviews for others to benefit, as well; A safe space for those who don’t know what they don’t know about their car.

UX Design (MPS) Students