* Fall 2022 Capstone Winner - Alaina Bryan


Alaina Bryan (MPS UX Design) researched, built and tested a desktop gaming experience entirely in Figma. This project, "Figmaverse," sought to inspire Figma users to dream bigger and build more in Figma than just design systems, wireframes and prototypes.

Figjam was used for research repository, mind mapping, user personas and journeys, project management, user testing and more, while storyboards, slide decks, the case study and interactive gaming experience were all created in Figma design files.

Usability testing proved that the project was successful in it's goal to inspire people to do more in Figma- 100% of respondents who were Figma Users said they would be likely to expand their usage of Figma to more design tasks. Experience Figmaverse today! 

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