*Fall 2022 Capstone Winner - Sarah Horowitz

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Sarah Horowitz: 2022 Capstone Winner for EventMate

Connection is fundamental to our existence as people - our happiness, our mental health, and our lives. The pandemic intensified this fundamental human need, as in-person events were prohibited. Now that we’re in the wake of the pandemic, people are even more eager to connect in person again, but that desire is sometimes outweighed by how cumbersome and complex it is to plan an event.

I recently offered to plan a small work dinner, which opened my eyes to how difficult and time-consuming it is to plan even the simplest of events. It got me wondering how people could possibly plan weddings and other large events without hiring a professional event planner to do it all for them. With the world at our fingertips, why should planning an event be so difficult?

EventMate is a one-stop-shop that seeks to transform event planning into a seamless, transparent, and consistent experience by creating a centralized location that provides users with the tools, partnerships, and resources needed to bring meaningful moments to life.

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