woman sitting in chair and is turned toward the viewer
Who will press the linens? 2019 Digital
baby body with a skull for a head
Ante Meridian 2019 digital
female body with clock in the background
Shotgun Wedding 2019 digital

Our past is often a great indicator of our patterns in the present and our hopes for the future. My work intends to bring to light the connections between nostalgia, the world we believed would come to be and the world that we know as it exists in the present; and how these combined affect our hope for the future.

Depression is, in part, defined by an “entire loss of hope”. I continue to wonder if the current zeitgeist for things that remind us of yesteryear is due to the stark contrast in the world we thought we would inherit versus the world we found ourselves in.

I am primarily a digital artist, with exceptions where the subject matter warrants. I am interested in work that combines word and image, whether blatant or divisive about the message it sends.