Rectangular acrylic painting of two baby red-eared slider turtles on a pale sky blue background. The one on the left has polycephaly with two heads, and the one on the right is facing its bright yellow stomach to the viewer.
Red-Eared Slider Turtle 2019 Acrylic on paper 6''x9''
Rectangular acrylic painting of three of the life stages of the Dead Leaf Butterfly arranged on a pastel blue-gray background. The brightly colored blue and orange butterfly has its wings open to the left, the spiky yellow and black caterpillar is to the
Dead Leaf Butterfly 2019 Acrylic on paper 9x12"
Rectangular acrylic painting of a brightly colored yellow spotted cucumber beetle on a contrasting sky blue background in a white frame with faux grass matting.
Cucumber Beetle 2019 Acrylic on paper, faux grass 12''x9''
Rectangular acrylic painting of a lime green Giant Malaysian leaf insect on a bubblegum pink contrasting background.
Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect 2019 Acrylic on paper 9"x6"
Pink and Silver Scarab Beetle Acrylic on paper, faux grass 12''x9''
Square acrylic painting of 12 pink and gray common earthworms intertwined together to form a circle or wreath on a pale mint green background.
Earthworm Wreath 2019 Acrylic on paper 12"x12"
Square Acrylic painting of two bumblebee millipedes on a pastel mint green background, one millipedes is curled into itself while the second is curved around the other.
Bumblebee Millipede 2020 Acrylic on paper 12"x12"
Grove Snail Sprial 2019 Acrylic on paper and digital collage 12"x12"
Rectangular acrylic painting of three of the life stages of a Harmonia Tigerwing Butterfly arranged in a row from top to bottom on a sage green background. At the top is the black and white striped caterpillar, the middle is the highly reflective golden c
Harmonia Tigerwing Butterfly 2019 Acrylic on paper 9''x6''
Square acrylic painting of three eastern fireflies arranged in a triangle on a pale gray blue background. The one at the top is glowing brightly, the one to the bottom  left is facing its slightly glowing belly to the viewer, while the one to the bottom r
Lightening Bug Triad 2019 Acrylic on paper 12''x12''

Emily Purdy is from Beacon, NY and draws a great deal of her inspiration from growing up in the Hudson Valley. She works across several mediums, creating illustrations, drawings, paintings, weavings, and sculptures, confronting the complex relationship that humans have with nature. Her subjects are often the flora and fauna common among yards and cities, as well as those that are endangered or disregarded around the world. By highlighting details of our lush, but commonly overlooked surroundings, Emily’s work asks people to empathize with their environment and revel in its richness.

Emily’s pieces suggest that anyone can discover and appreciate wildlife and natural forms. Even just taking a walk down a city sidewalk, there is so much to admire. The biodiversity in our world is astounding, and her art encourages others to explore what’s around us before it’s too late.

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