Travelling Through Memory 2020 Video

In my works, I want to show emotions that people often try to avoid, yet still a part of daily life. Therefore, I use drawings, animations, papercuts, and ceramics to create stories that express my thoughts about sadness, fear, and depression.

In the video Traveling Through Memory, a girl who loses her memory travels through different worlds in order to find her past. The combination of digital drawing and hand built ceramic pieces expresses the different characters between real world and spiritual world.

Usually when I am making my works, I would first think about my personal experience for inspiration. I use my everyday emotions as a starting point and consider how these feelings might translate to my viewers. I believe that actually everyone has different selves hidden in their mind. Therefore, I design different characters which represent various and distinct feelings in order to share these dark stories.

I hope my works can be not only interpreted as a personal view of my inward world, but also as an outward representation of the human spirit. The viewers could see this experience of my inner life as an invitation to investigate their own spiritual world.