A bright tree without leaves grows through the center of a child's swing set tree house. A translucent woman reclines in the foreground, turned away from the viewer. A pair of hands reach out to the woman from the right side of the canvas. In the backgrou
A Storm Comes Faster 2020 Acrylic on canvas 2.4' x 4'
A minimally rendered Angel is depicted in the center of the canvas turned away from the viewer. The Angel overlays a dark tree line landscape. A surface reflection of a pool interrupts both the landscape and the Angel figure on the left side of the canvas
Mournings and Beginnings 2020 Acrylic on canvas 2.4' x 4'
Five young boys look over the top of a tall wooden fence. Three deer cast long shadows onto the fence and the ground below. Dark entwined branches of trees are behind the five boys. The boys are rendered minimally and are translucent in some parts while t
Role Models 2020 Acrylic on canvas 3' x 5'
Looking out of a car door window a woman cradles the head of a man that is lying prone on a intricately patterned field of grass. A construction crane arcs above both figures, a translucent American flag is strung between the two arms of the crane. Smalle
Road Side Eulogy 2019 Acrylic, color pencil on canvas 2.7' x 4'
A young  woman looks out at a barn that is smoldering far in the distance. The woman's back is turned towards the viewer. The smoke from the barn and the woman's skin is translucent in places to reveal a blue patterning of lines.
Barn on Fire 2020 Acrylic on wood panel 9" x 12"
A woman rests back on an open window, back turned towards the viewer. She looks out into a room with no furniture. The only decorations in the room being loosely rendered mounted heads of deer placed on the wall with an open doorway. Further in the space
Miracle Man 2019 Acrylic on wood panel 9" x 12"
A young woman with her back turned towards the viewer looks out at the dark opening of a barn. A small window is the only light in the barn. Loose renderings of holly berries and leaves make a pattern in the background, covered over with a translucent was
Where I Could Not Follow 2020 Acrylic on wood panel 9" x 12"

Feeling like a passive observer at times I struggle to reconcile my nostalgic love with the growing concern I have for the small town that raised me. Keeping a watchful eye on the patterns that endure and arise in my community, my work is both a tribute and critical testimony. Resulting in a transient assembly of images, patterns, truths, and moments that have been born from the place I call home.