Non-Degree Learning Opportunities

MICA's non-degree learning opportunities offer a rich and varied schedule for anyone interested in pursuing the study of art and design at MICA.

Each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer), MICA offers undergraduates and lifelong learners opportunities to take courses in various areas of study including fine arts, design, art history and the humanities through our Community Education, Professional Practice, and Undergraduate Classes.

Community Education

Through Community Education courses, taught by MICA’s excellent faculty, adult artists can build skills and develop confidence in a variety of fine art disciplines. Introductory courses provide the foundation for learning techniques and concepts while advanced courses encourage students to further explore their creativity.

A preview of our Spring 2020 Community Education courses include:

Photography Courses

  • Intro to Black & White Photography Want to know what to do with that family camera? This 10-week course introduces the fundamentals of darkroom photographic practice. Saturdays, starting Feb. 1 / 9:30a - 1p
  • Beyond the Print: Experimental Digital Printing Photographs don’t need to only be on paper! This course will explore digital printing techniques and processes beyond the normal print. Students will learn the technical side of digital printing and color profile creation. Wednesdays, starting Jan. 29 / 6:15p - 10p

Photography Two-Day Workshops

  • Casebound Books & Marbled Paper This two-day workshop is a hands-on learning experience combining photography with handmade artist book structures. Over the course of the two sessions, students will learn how to print photographs & text to make your own basic “photo book.”  Saturdays:  Jan. 11 & 18 / 11a - 4p
  • Pinhole Photography This two-day workshop will explore the possibilities for building handmade pinhole cameras from ordinary household materials. Saturdays: Feb. 22 & Feb 29 / 11a - 4p

Drawing Courses

  • Reinterpreting Drawing: Experimental PracticesThrough in class exercises and independent projects, students will explore different ways of thinking and interpreting drawing beyond the 2-D plane through experimentation with different materials, movement, space, and more.  Wednesdays:  Starting Jan. 29 / 6:30p - 9:45p
  • Learning to Draw In this foundation course, beginning students develop their ability to perceive and render forms in space on a two-dimensional surface.  Mondays:  Starting Jan. 27 / 6:30p - 9:45p

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Professional Practice

Design professionals can advance their knowledge through MICA’s Professional Practice courses in the areas of graphic design, web design, advertising, and creative entrepreneurship. Real-world issues are discussed and innovative projects are assigned to provide a well-rounded, meaningful experience aimed at preparing students for challenges that are faced in art and design careers.

A preview of our Spring 2020 Professional Practice courses include:

  • Personal Brand Management This course will cover the basics of branding and empower students to create a dynamic personal brand that can resonate with their client base, as well as adapt to career advancements. Tuesdays: starting Jan. 28 / 6p - 8:30p 
  • Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro This course will cover the basics for creating motion graphics, animated titles, short videos, and visual effects. Working with timelines, keyframes, assets, effects, type, imported images, art from Adobe Illustrator, sound, and masking students will create their short videos with animated titles. Mondays: starting Jan. 27 / 6:30p - 9:45p 
  • Information Visualization Basics This ONLINE course will explore the types of powerful, data-driven visual narratives that are rising in demand across industries. Students will be introduced to “big data” and various design strategies to effectively distill complex information through a compelling visual narrative. Tuesdays: starting Jan. 28 / 7:30p - 10:00p 

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Undergraduate Classes

Each winter & summer, the Undergraduate courses are designated as three-credit classes and are open to MICA undergraduates and all serious-minded students, including community education students.

Our Winter 2020 Course offering is: 

  • Glass Blowing Located offsite at the Corradetti Glassblowing Studio. Students learn the ancient art of glass blowing. Demonstrations will be given every day by the instructor to show the techniques that will be learned that day. Mon - Fri. Jan. 6 - Jan. 17 / 9:00a - 5:00p  

Open Studies Spring 2020 Catalog

Art + Design Classes for Adults, Teens, and Children

MICA Open Studies offers a rich and varied schedule for anyone interested in pursuing the study of art and design at MICA. Download our Open Studies Catalog (PDF) to explore our course offerings.

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