Pixelated drawing of two boys sitting in a bathtub together surrounded by a border of bright red checkers. One boy takes a sip from a cup full of the bath water.
Angelboy Bathwater (digital) 2019 Digital drawing
Pixelated drawing of a boy with a hole in his torso. Peeking through the hole is another similar looking person’s face.
Hole 2019 Digital drawing
Quilted squares surrounded by a border of soft-sculpture spikes. In the center is a 3-dimensional red star surrounded by four printed faces depicting various stages of emotional distress.
I Don't Get Sad I Get SO FUCKING ANGRY 2020 Digital print on fabric with free motion machine embroidery
A large rectangle of red fabric with a smaller square of blue fabric at the center. In the middle of the blue square is an embroidered image of two boys sitting in a bathtub. Surrounding them are five dogs and the words “I promise I will be there 4 u.”
Angelboy Bathwater 2019 Free motion machine embroidery on fabric
Embroidered drawing on floral fabric surrounded by a border of astroturf. The drawn image shows an angel hitting a baseball through a boy’s chest. As the baseball enters his chest, a portal is opened up in the body for the ball to pass through.
Divine Penetration 2019 Free motion machine embroidery on fabric with astroturf and sculpey
Embroidered drawing on pink gingham fabric. Image shows two boys holding hands. Both of the boys have a hole in their chest and a dog is jumping through the hole.
Passage 2019 Free motion machine embroidery on fabric
Pixelated drawing of a crying face surrounded by stars. The phrase “I remember the feeling...” is written at the top of the image.
The Feeling 2019 Digital drawing
Pixelated drawing of a boy sitting on the floor of a bathroom crying. A looming figure with outstretched arms and angel wings stands behind him. Behind the angel is an image of a crying face with its mouth scribbled out.
God and the Devil Watching Me Cry in the Bathroom 2020 Digital drawing

My artworks begin as digital drawings which are then translated into fiber-based pieces using the processes of freehand machine embroidery, quilting, and garment design. Utilizing imagery that references retro cartoons and video games, I’ve created a generic character who acts as a sort of “virtual avatar” that becomes a stand-in for the human body. Often presented as twins or doppelgangers, the character and his duplicates become multiples of the self which are able to act out their conflicting feelings as they protect, fight, or just exist alongside each other.