General Fine Arts (BFA)

Timeless 2020 Chinese watercolor on rice paper collaged with graphite drawing on stonehenge 22'' x 30''
Love...? 2020 Digital made custom wallpaper 6 x 8 ft
A cow is visibly struggling to move around due to her enlarged udder that is dragging behind her.
Perpetually Pregnant 01 2019 clay 11"x8"x30"
A painting of a purple titled wall with a metal pipe from a urinal piercing part of a poster which contains Chinese characters.
The Conceptual Impossibility of Work in the Mind of Someone Pissing 2019 Oil and acrylic on canvas 40" x 30"
A minimally rendered Angel is depicted in the center of the canvas turned away from the viewer. The Angel overlays a dark tree line landscape. A surface reflection of a pool interrupts both the landscape and the Angel figure on the left side of the canvas
Mournings and Beginnings 2020 Acrylic on canvas 2.4' x 4'
A girl sits with her arm stretched out to an unseen figure
Outstretched 2019 Photograph
Grove Snail Sprial 2019 Acrylic on paper and digital collage 12"x12"