Love...? 2020 Digital made custom wallpaper 6 x 8 ft
A blue love...? 2020 Digital Pattern
A green love...? 2020 Digital pattern
A pink love...? 2020 Digital pattern

Being a biracial person who grew up in an environment that made me question my identity, I found solace in the idea of creating my own identity through patterning making. My use of shapes and colors, and sometimes language in my mixed media work, seeks to convey the overall idea of human connection. I am influenced by poetry, literature, history, and music. In these I've found the concept of love has a unique ability to repeat the same connection to every other emotion we will experience in this life. While also strangely enough connecting us to others. I've always questioned how others connected with each other. Using pattern, texture and other mediums I explore the human condition and most recently how love ties to that. And I found that it is through the experience of human emotions, which allows us to empathize with our fellow human and form a bond with one another.