painting of person in bed
Untitled 1 2020 Oil Paint 36" x 60"
person laying upside down on couch
Untitled 2 2020 Oil Paint 36" x 60"
person sitting at table drinking from a glass
Untitled 3 2020 Oil Paint 36" x 60"
Untitled 4 2020 Oil Paint 36" x 60"

My images convey deeply personal experiences transformed through the inevitable passage of time. Our relationship to time is connected to our perception of it, which fluctuates in contrast to the steady progression of time alone. This contraction of time and experience is what I am after in my paintings. My paintings are heavily influenced by filmmaking through their compositions, sequencing, and aspect ratio. I’m interested in the isolation of intertwined moments from the everyday and how they are distorted through perception. How can we understand the residue created by the push and pull of time: as pathos, as melancholy or beauty? In my paintings, I attempt to address all of these not in intervals, but rather all at once.