Two girls lie under a film seemingly under a layer of water. They grasp hands over their heads and look directly at the camera.
Blur 2019 Photograph
A girl lays on the ground on a bed of flowers seemingly asleep
Sleep 2019 Photograph
A girl sits sadly at the foot of the flower throne
Portrait of Jenny 2019 Photograph
A girl stares stage-right against a pink background adorned with flowers. She has a red shawl draped on her right shoulder and is holding a magnolia flower.
HyeOk In Red 2019 Photograph
A girl sits with her arm stretched out to an unseen figure
Outstretched 2019 Photograph
A girl stares longingly into the camera in a throne made of flowers
Ophelia 2019 Photograph
A small crowd gathers around a baby Jesus who is cradled by his mother Mary. Mary is surround by a small shepherd girl and an angel with soft outstretched wings.
The Angels During the Birth of Christ 2020 Graphite pencil 22x30
a group of four nymphs gather near the water to draw water and socialize
Nymphs by the Water 2020 Graphite Pencil 22x30
Self-Portrait 2020 Watercolor with colored pencil 12x12
A lion and a lamb sit serenely with each other enjoying each others presence within a reign of peace.
Serenity in Isiah 2020 Watercolor with colored pencils 10x15

Elizabeth  Bowles  is an artist that works with many different mediums. her work typically having to do with the memories of childhood ideals intermingling with the aesthetics of renaissance masterpieces. Often her art manifests in many different forms that is sometimes a combination of drawing, painting, garment making, and photography.  With her drawings and paintings, she aims to create a space of intense mark making to develop a scene that has a similar feeling to a classic pre-raphaelite painting with religious iconography intermingling throughout. The subject, often women, have a certain softness accentuated with a muted black and white palette. On The other hand her photography and garment making aim to create intense shadows alongside bright colors whilst existing in a space created through her own intentions. The intricacies of fine detail through embroidery and beading propel her garments  to come to life to aid as props for her striking photographs. The creative space, more than often, emulates a serene feeling. The continued theme of her artwork seems to focus on mystical and fictional creatures like angels, nymphs, and fairies. Elizabeth Bowles is a graduate from Maryland Institute College of Art class of 2020. Her plans are to receive a Masters in Art Therapy from Drexel University College of Nursing and Health services in 2022.