When your Darlings Bite Back: A Century of Horror Film about Making and Unmaking 2022

This project visualizes the shape of horror films, particularly horror about art subjects, as described in IMDb from 1900to 2020. It takes the form of interactive network visualization, as well as three 2D visualizations imagined as vinyl wraps in arthouse cinemas. Carol Clover, a film historian who coined the term "final girl" in her 1992 monograph Men, Women, and Chainsaws, writes that “[a] strong prima facie case could be made for horror's being...the most self-reflexive of cinematic genres" (168). I wanted to test this with data, by extending her observation to its logical conclusion: horror is also, then, about the act of making, creating aesthetic objects or experiences, often through the rubric of unmaking. To complete this project, I used Python, R, Tableau, Tableau Prep, Gephi, and Illustrator.