PhotoViz PDF 2022

This project will provide an explanatory approach of photovisualization techniques of Snap-Shot, Exposure, and Post-Processing as an intuitive search for meaning, shape, form, texture, and the projection of the image format centered on various personally selected moments, interactions, and places. Through mirroring these techniques and the exposure and development of the photographic image are altered, thus creating a photoviz to uncover new images, make comparisons and contrasts and offer new perspectives. The delivery mechanism will be a digital photo book called Photovisualization that will allow the viewer a means of exploration and provide an explanatory approach, thereby presenting photovisualization as a viable design option. This will help dispel the myth that designing a visualization is only for the end of a data analysis process or when ready to communicate insights via conventional charts. If data visualization is about telling stories, then using the techniques and styles within PhotoViz is another excellent and valuable way to tell a compelling story through images and develop an emotional connection and response to humanize data.