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And it Was Merciless
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And it Was Merciless 02
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January Sonification video
And it Was Merciless case study

Can sound and visuals be used in tandem to accurately convey what chronic migraines feel like to someone who has never had the experience? Further, what can a migraine look like? Sound like? Is there a common ground to be found via communicating with the sensory modalities that enable meaningful presentation of the subjective concepts of emotion, pain, and the perception of time?

This project is not only an attempt to process and lament the hours I lost to chronic pain, but to reclaim autonomy over self, time, and the “Merciless Intruder” that has taken residence in my body five years ago.

This is a representation of my mind, a sort of non-place that, due to chronic migraines, is simultaneously always and never my home.