MICA Art History, Theory, & Criticism Faculty

Jenny Carson, Chair

Jenny Carson’s primary area of study is the art and visual culture of the United States. She regularly teaches courses that explore art production in the context of social history and labor, including the History of the World’s Fairs and Creative Spaces: Theory and Practice.

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Mónica Amor

Mónica Amor teaches modern and contemporary art with a focus on intermedial practices and transnational dialogues. Her approach is global and highlights the role of institutions and exhibitions in the production of cultural representation.

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Jennie Hirsh

Jennie Hirsh holds a Ph.D. in modern and contemporary art from the History of Art Department at Bryn Mawr College, where she also earned an M.A. in the art of the Italian Renaissance.

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Jennifer Hock

Jennifer Hock is an architectural historian who specializes in the history of twentieth-century architecture and urbanism. She is especially interested in using architectural history to study the construction of social identities and investigate movements for social, cultural, and political change.

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Kerr Houston

Kerr Houston is an art historian and critic whose scholarship has largely focused on the Italian Renaissance, embodied viewership, and the history of art criticism.

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Sonja Kelley

Sonja Kelley specializes in the visual culture of East Asia from antiquity to the present. She teaches classes on the history of Asian art, with a particular focus on China and Japan.

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Joo Yun Lee

Joo Yun Lee specializes in the intersection of art and computational media in contemporary art and visual culture from the 1960s to the present crossing regional boundaries. Her recent research focuses on East Asian contemporary art and media practices under the strong influence of global capitalism consolidated with information technology, networks, and datafied society.

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Victoria Rose Pass

Victoria Rose Pass is a specialist in Visual Culture, particularly in areas of design and fashion. Her research considers the history of fashion culture in the 20th century and focuses specifically on issues of gender and race.

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Kerry Roeder

Kerry Roeder is a historian of graphic illustration and print culture, with an emphasis on 19th and early 20th century art.

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Raél Jero Salley

Raél Jero Salley teaches courses in Global Modern and Contemporary Art, Art History, Theory, and Visual Culture, with an intent focus on the dynamic life worlds of Africa and its Diaspora. raelsalley.studio.

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Affiliated Faculty

Greg Metcalf

Greg Metcalf comes to teaching Modernisms and Contemporary Art, Film and Art Theory from a background of Culture Studies and Studio Art. His present research focuses on using film theory to open up new ways of understanding Modern art.

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David Sterritt

David Sterritt is a scholar of American and European film history, theory, and criticism, including intersections of film, literature, and music.

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Mary Kinnecome

Mary Kinnecome’s area of expertise is twentieth century European and American art with a particular interest in women artists, German Expressionism, and American art from the 1940s to the 1960s.

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Kimberly Anderson

Kimberly Anderson’s experience in the field of art education and art history spans over two decades, and includes work in museums in both South Carolina and Maryland.

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Photo credit: Patricia Canino

Divya Kumar-Dumas

Divya Kumar-Dumas is a historian of art, architecture and the landscape, teaching World Architecture at MICA. She asks the question, 'What makes a building site into a place?’

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Jung-Sil Lee

Jung-Sil Lee is an independent curator and historian of modern and contemporary art, with a specialty in Korean art. Her research interests cover memorials, ritual theory, feminism, and grassroots activism through art.

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Ann Birkelbach

Ann Birkelbach teaches the History of Islamic Art at MICA. She also teaches courses on art appreciation, art history and world art at Northern Virginia Community College and at various institutions in the DC Metro area, including George Mason University and the University of Mary Washington.

Julie Geschwind

Julie Geschwind is a textile historian whose interest is in the artistry, the processes, the cultures (spiritual/religious beliefs, power, organization, economics, gender, status, interaction with other cultures) behind the world’s textiles.

Lila Stone Newberry

Lila Stone specializes in modern and contemporary art history with a focus on craft and 20th century German modernism.

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