Victoria Rose Pass is a specialist in Visual Culture, particularly in areas of design and fashion. Her research considers the history of fashion culture in the 20th century and focuses specifically on issues of gender and race.

Her essay "Racial Masquerades in the Magazines: Defining White Femininity Between the Wars," was published in the Journal of Modern Periodical Studies in 2020. She co-edited the book Design Beyond the Canon with Jennifer Kauffman-Buhler and Christopher Wilson published by Bloomsbury in February 2019, and will be released in paperback in January 2023. This volume includes her essay, "The Mangbetu Coiffure: A Story of Cars, Hats, Branding, and Appropriation."  She also co-edited the volume, Women's Magazines in Print and New Media with Noliwe Rooks and Ayana Weekley, which was published by Routledge in 2016. The volume included her essay, "Encountering Africa in Vogue: Irving Penn's African Essays." Her essay "Schiaparelli's Convulsive Gloves" was published in 2015 in Extravagances, the final volume of the Habits of Being series from the University of Minnesota. Her writing has also appeared in Fashion, Style & Popular CultureOmenka MagazineDesign and, and BmoreArt. She also shares her research on Instagram: @visualsustenance. At MICA she teaches Fashion in the Avant GardeHistory of Modern Design, and Modernisms.  She received her BA in Art History from Boston University, her MA in Art History from the Art Institute of Chicago, and her PhD in Visual and Cultural Studies from the University of Rochester. Please visit for downloadable versions of Pass's writing.