Postal & Print Services

Food and Grocery Deliveries On Campus

A word about on-campus food deliveries from DoorDash, GrubHub, Instacart, Amazon Fresh, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Uber Eats et al.

DoorDash and Instacart and Other Food and Grocery Delivery Services Policy 

Students need to be there in person when the delivery driver arrives with your order. 

You. Have. To. Be. There.


Campus Safety cannot take possession of your order.

Residence Life cannot take possession of your order.


Please be sure that your full name gets on the order so we can contact you if the driver just leaves it in the bushes.


If Postal & Print receives your order at your residence hall during our hours of operation (Monday through Friday, 10-5), we will receive it as a small package. You will receive an email notification, and a separate email from Postal & Print urging you to come pick up your perishable item. This includes food or grocery deliveries, or an package marked "Perishable" delivered by DHL, FedEx, UPS or USPS, as a small package.

If you’ve not picked up that item by the close of business (4:55), Monday through Friday, 10-5, we reserve the right to open your package, discard any perishable items, (i.e. raw or cooked food that will perish overnight) try to save any preserved food, (i.e. dried fruits, nuts and canned goods). We also reserve the right to discard your entire order if necessary to maintain a healthy workplace. If you're on your way, email us so we don't throw away your stuff.

In the past, spoiled food created an odor and endangered the health of Postal & Print employees (one time it was raw rabbit meat sent from Poland). Please don’t put MICA employees in a position to have to decide to throw away your package and waste your money or hold a package that might be rotting in a short time. 

Please be there to meet your food delivery driver. Thanks for your help and understanding!


Alternate suggestions:

  • Arrange your grocery deliveries for a Saturday or a day when you’re not in class
  • Follow your delivery notifications on your food app to see when your driver will arrive, then go down to meet them 
  • If you are sick or injured or otherwise unable to pick up your food or grocery order, ask a friend to be there when the driver gets there
  • There’s a MICA shopping shuttle that goes the store on the weekend
  • There is a Rite Aid near McMechen and Eutaw streets. It has some grocery items