Postal & Print Services

Freight Receiving

Freight Receiving Procedures at MICA Postal & Print

MICA Postal & Print Services provides small package shipping and receiving services for small and large items. Delivery of oversize items, heavy items or pieces of furniture must be coordinated through MICA Facilities Management work order. We make exceptions for delicate equipment or palatalized items that can be separated into small packages, such as a shipment of computers, large screen televisions or shipments of empty boxes. For shipments that arrive without any notice, we determine whether we can accept, redirect to Facilities or refuse the shipment on a case by case basis. The best practice is to give us advanced notice or generate your work order request when you order your shipment.

How can I tell if my shipment is freight?

Is it palatalized?

Is it more than 100 lbs?

Is it furniture?

Is it one giant, heavy, awkward piece?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it counts as freight an we recommend you generate a work order request to coordinate your delivery.

Best Practices

  • Be sure to specify the building of the shipment's final destination as your delivery address, separate from your billing address
  • Be sure to include your contact name and cell phone
  • Be sure to include delivery hours of 7 a.m. -  3 p.m., Facilities Management's hours of operation
  • You may need to specify a lift-gate or inside delivery; both carry extra fees
  • Include in your work order request as much detail as you can about delivery date, where the shipment is going, and the nature of the object being shipped, including weight, dimensions and fragility.