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Non-partisan information about Voter Registration and Mail-in Ballots

How to register to vote, request a mail-in ballot and local ballot drop-off locations.

Update Your Voter Registration

In the past, MICA students have registered to vote using their residence hall address. If you have registered to vote or received a mail-in ballot in the past at MICA, please update your voter registration to receive a mail-in ballot to your home or off-campus Baltimore address. For all students not living on campus, we will return to sender any mail we receive for former residents or students using MICA's main address, including ballots.

Register For the First Time or Request a Mail-in/Absentee Ballot

For information on registering to vote in any state, click here.

For information on registering or requesting an absentee or mail-in ballot in Maryland, click here.

MICA's Voter Access Initiative page

Fall 2022

This is a midterm election year! This is the year we elect a governor in Maryland! Please register!

For students living on campus this year, please use the following addresses to register as a Maryland Voter or as the address to mail your absentee/mail-in ballot to:

Founders' Green
Student Name
MICA Founders’ Green
120 McMechen St, LH-001 (your room number; or SH, GH or CH for Leake, Spear, Glace or Carter Halls)
Baltimore, MD 21217
Cell number

Meyerhoff House
Student Name
MICA Meyerhoff House
140 W Lafayette Ave, MH-001 (your room number)
Baltimore, MD 21217
Cell number

Student Name
MICA Gateway
1601 W Mount Royal Ave, GT-001 (your room number)
Baltimore, MD 21217
Cell number

Off-campus students, please have your voter registration or absentee ballot sent to your local/neighborhood or home address.

Maryland Ballot Drop-off Locations

The USPS is experiencing management disputes and delivery delays at this time. If you feel more comfortable dropping off your ballot to a secure locating in-person anywhere in Maryland (for Maryland voters), click here.

The closest Maryland Ballot Drop-off location to MICA is:

Hampden Elementary School
3608 Chestnut Ave
Baltimore, MD  21211