Duo 2 Factor Authentication

Duo While Traveling Abroad

Below are instructions on how to be able to access your accounts while away from cellular data service. This method relies on having successfully created your account before your travel begins.

Text Message Codes

You can request a batch of passcodes to be sent to your mobile device via SMS text before traveling. Each code can be used once to authenticate. 

  1.  On a desktop computer navigate to MICA.edu/login  
  2.  While on the Duo verification screen, select your mobile phone number from the device field *Note: Is your cellphone not currently enrolled in Duo? Add the device
  3.  Click Enter Passcode
  4.  A blue bar will appear at the bottom fo the screen, click Text Me New Codes
  5. You will receive an SMS text message with 10 codes, each code will work once

Write these codes in notebook before you travel, or keep your cellphone handy to reference  them when you need to log into your account.