Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Getting Started with Duo

Refer to this guide to configure your MICA account with Duo.

Getting Started with Duo

  1. Navigate to MICA.edu/Login and sign in 

  2.  You will see the Duo Enrollment screen, click the Next button

  3.  You will be led to the options page, select the recommended Duo Mobile option.

  4.  Add your mobile phone number and continue by selecting Add phone number. If your device does not have an associated phone number, select I have a tablet.

  5. You will be instructed to download the Duo app. After installing the DUO app on your mobile device,  click Next

  6.  Once you have downloaded the app and hit Next, you will see a QR code on the screen. Use your mobile app to scan the QR code.  If you experience issues with activation, contact Help Desk.

  7.  A notification will show that you have added your Duo Mobile. Click Continue

  8.  Once you click Continue, there will be a prompt to add another way to log in. If you do not want to add an additional login method, select Skip for now 

  9. Now you are fully enrolled, the screen will show that your setup is completed.  Select Log in with Duo

  10.  A push notification will be sent to your phone, select approve from your device to verify your identity. 

  11.  Once you verify your identity and log in with Duo, you will be asked if Duo should trust your current browser. If you are using a public or shared computer, you should not trust the browser. If you are using a personal device, or a device accessed only by you, you may choose to trust the browser and Duo will not prompt you again for the specified duration. You may then continue to the application.


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