Academic Resources for Veterans

Military Call-Up & Military Drill

Many students choose to serve while pursuing their degree. MICA will work with you to accommodate your continuing service.

Your choice to serve should not negatively effect your academic progress at MICA. If you're one of the many students in the National Guard, Reserve, or inactive reserve components, MICA recognizes that there's a chance you might be mobilized or recalled to active duty, or that there may be times when you need to miss class because your drill weekend is extended beyond your control. Students are responsible for keeping their course instructor(s) informed of all military-related absences.

If, as a student, you are called up for active duty, you should:

  • Provide a copy of your orders to the MICA VA Certifying Official.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor. Together you and your advisor will determine a plan that will be designed for you based on the specific course(s) in which you are enrolled and the point in the semester when the call-up occurs. If you're required to withdraw from MICA, the VA Certifying Official will then work closely with the Registrar, the Director of Academic Advising and Student Accounts to make determinations as to appropriate withdrawal procedures and refunds and explain the process for re-enrollment after completing active duty. They will also assist with quick referrals related to financial aid issues, cancellation of any campus housing contracts, and allowable refunds.
  • In order to receive appropriate credit/grades and avoid negative impact to your record, students ordered to active duty during the semester are encouraged to officially withdraw from MICA following established withdrawal procedures.
  • If you have direct loans that are in an in-school, an in-school deferment, or in a grace period status, you should call the Direct Loan Service Center at 1-800-848-0979 and request a "Military Grace Program" deferment. This option can extend the grace status and is only available to students withdrawing as a result of being recalled or deployed.