Academic Resources for Veterans

Department of Veterans Affairs & Student Veterans Responsibilities

The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veterans Certifying Official at MICA closely monitor each student veteran's enrollment status and academic program.

The VA may refuse to pay educational benefits to a veteran who fails to report a change in their educational status or make satisfactory progress toward a specified educational goal.

Any changes to your course schedule must be reported immediately to MICA's Certifying Official, so that the VA can be made aware of the change in your enrollment. Failure to do this may result in overpayment from the VA, and they may require repayment from you. You may also be required to repay all benefits for the course or courses you dropped unless you can validate that the change was due to mitigating circumstances. You should know that your benefits are determined by your full-time or part-time status and the enrollment period. For maximum benefits, you must enroll in at least 12 hours for the entire term (fall and spring). Adding or dropping a class, enrolling in a class that does not apply to your degree program or enrolling in classes with various beginning and ending dates such as intersession classes, eight-week block classes and certain summer classes may affect the monthly dollar amount of educational benefits.

Student Veterans Have The Following Responsibilities:

  • Students requesting VA benefits for the first time at MICA should contact the VA Certifying Official at least three months prior to the date of enrollment to ensure timely processing of the paperwork. The VA veteran application process can take up to 9-12 weeks; peak processing time may delay the process.
  • Notify the VA Certifying Official every time that you want to be certified by completing the MICA Veterans Request for VA Education Benefits Registration Form. 
  • Register only for courses required for your selected degree.
  • Do not register for courses in which you have already received credit or a passing grade (even if taken at another institution).
  • Notify the Certifying Official if you: (a) change programs or major, (b) add or drop a class, (c) withdraw from classes, (d) change address or phone number, or (e) deplete your VA educational benefits.
  • Notify the Certifying Official by the last day of Add/Drop if you do not want to be certified for a given semester or course.
  • Verify your enrollment on the last calendar day of the month with VA, except for Chapters 31, 33, and 35.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress towards your degree and comply with the academic standards of MICA.
  • Satisfy MICA account balances and or debts with the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Carefully read all letters from VA regarding the monthly rates and effective dates of your benefits. If you think the amount of payment is not correct (too much or not enough), contact the VA before using funds from payment.

The Veterans Administration Will Be Notified If The Veteran:

  • Fails to declare a major within the first semester. The student veteran must become a regular student in a specific program.
  • Fails to have previous college transcripts evaluated and applied toward the current program.
  • Fails to convert an "I" grade to a letter grade before the midterm of the following semester.
  • Continuously reduces credits/drop classes. This may change your eligibility for benefits or cause you to owe a repayment of your benefits.
  • Audits a course (thus receiving no grade or college credit).
  • Stops attending class(es)
  • Changes his/her address or phone number.
  • Accumulates more than 12 hours of "F" grades.
  • Is placed on academic probation or suspension.