Campus Safety Crime Log

November Incidents 2022

SEX OFFENSE: Case Number 2022-373

Reported: 11/28/22 02:03 PM     Occurred:  11/23/22 02:02 AM  TO 11/23/22 02:10 AM    Disposition: Under Investigation


A MICA Student reports being the victim of Sexual Fondling by an unknown suspect while asleep in Carter Hall.


ALARM OF FIRE: Case Number 2022-370

Reported: 11/20/22 02:03 AM     Occurred:  11/20/22 02:02 AM  TO 11/20/22 03:03 AM    Disposition: Under Investigation

A faulty pull station at Glace Grill activated the Fire Alarm.



DAMAGED PROPERTY: Case Number 2022-366

Reported: 11/17/22 03:15 PM     Occurred:  Unknown   Disposition: Under Investigation

A symbol believed to be a swastika found carved into a pillar in the Main Building building.


ELEVATOR EXTRACTION: Case Number 2022-363

Reported: 11/16/22 06:40 PM     Occurred:  11/16/22 06:40 PM and 11/16/22 06:55 PM   Disposition: Cleared


MICA Staff members reported to be stuck in an elevator at the Meyerhoff.


SICK CASE: Case Number 2022-359

Reported: 11/11/22 07:07 PM     Occurred:  11/11/22 07:07 PM and 11/11/22 07:25 PM   Disposition: Cleared

MICA Campus Safety responded to the Lazarus Center for a report of student having a medical emergency.



Reported: 11/08/22  3:03 PM     Occurred:  UNKNOWN   Disposition: Under Investigation

MICA Campus Safety is investigating the attempted break in of a vending machine in the Bunting.



Reported: 11/01/22 07:40 AM     Occurred:  10/29/22 11:40 PM and 10/31/22 12:30 AM   Disposition: Cleared


MICA Campus Safety responded to the 100 block of Dolphin for a Pentagram spray painted outside the Dolphin Design Center..


LOUD NOISE COMPLAINT: Case Number 2022-340

Reported: 11/01/22 12:20 AM     Occurred:  UNKNOWN   Disposition: Unfounded

MICA Campus Safety responded to the 100 block of McMechen for reports of loud noise and disturbance.