Campus Safety Activity Log

February Incidents 2023

Discharging of Firearm: Case Number 2023-060


Reported: 02/27/23 01:00 AM     Occurred:  02/27/23 12:55 AM and 02/27/23 01:00 AM   Disposition: Under Investigation

BCPD investigating the potential discharging of a firearm at the rear alley of the Mount Royal Tavern


Armed Robbery: Case Number 2023-058

Reported: 02/24/23 10:55 PM     Occurred:  02/24/23 10:45 PM and02/24/23 10:55 PM   Disposition: Under Investigation

Two MICA Students report being robbed at gunpoint at Bolton and Lanvale.


Armed Carjacking: Case Number 2023-040

Reported: 02/12/23 11:50 AM     Occurred:  02/12/2023 02:15 AM and 02/12/2023 02:30 AM    Disposition: Under Investigation

MICA Students report being the victims of an armed carjacking at Park And Lafayette.


Disorderly Person: Case Number 2023-032

Reported: 02/06/23 03:30 PM     Occurred:  02/06/2023 03:15 PM and 02/06/2023 03:30 PM    Disposition: Cleared

Juveniles from a nearby middle school attempted to gain entry into Founders Green via Latrobe House.