Campus Safety Crime Log

December Incidents

Trespassing: Case Number 2022-406

Reported: 12/20/22 07:50 AM     Occurred:  12/19/2022 09:45 PM and 12/20/2022 07:50 AM    Disposition: Under Investigation

A suspect is apprehended after breaking glass to force entry into the station and reside in a hallway overnight. Suspect was apprehended but released.




DISORDERLY PERSON: Case Number 2022-400

Reported: 12/09/22 07:50 PM     Occurred:  11/16/2022 12:00 PM and 11/16/2022 09:00 PM    Disposition: Under Investigation

A MICA Staff member reports an uninvited Non-MICA person attending an event at the Gateway.


LOUD NOISE COMPLAINT: Case Number 2022-399

Reported: 12/09/22 2:30 AM     Occurred:  Unknown    Disposition: Cleared

A MICA Student reported loud music coming from the third floor of the Meyerhoff.


ALARM OF FIRE: Case Number 2022-395

Reported: 12/09/22 07:50 PM     Occurred:  12/6/2022 2:41 PM and 12/6/2022 2:58 PM    Disposition: Cleared

Fire alarm activated at the Dolphin due to high levels of dust in the shop.

LARCENY: Case Number 2022-394

Reported: 12/06/22 11:30 AM     Occurred:  Unknown    Disposition: Under Investigation

A MICA Student reports an IPAD being stolen from an exhibit in the Lazarus Center.


FOUND CONTRABAND: Case Number 2022-384

Reported: 12/02/22 06:03 AM     Occurred:  Unknown    Disposition: Under Investigation

A Staff Member reports finding a single piece of ammunition in a restroom in the Fitness Center.