My name is Aleeia Townes and I am a young and developing artist from Baltimore, MD. I’m currently a student at Baltimore School for the Arts(expected to graduated 2020), MICA’s Art and Design Acceleration program, and I’ve completed a 5-week residency program at MICA studying 2-weeks of fiber and 3-weeks of figure painting in oil. I plan on studying at MICA as a general fine arts major, starting this upcoming fall of 2020. I focus on challenging myself self by incorporating a variety of materials and concepts into my work; through these challenges and struggles, I hope to find success. I enjoy exploring a variety of mixed media in my work. While focusing on creating art involving oil paint, fiber, photography, sculpture, and collage and striving to have good compositions and clarity in my work. Feminism and the idea of bringing happiness through my art inspire me. I create art to express my love for color, and to satisfy my need for wanting to show creativity.

I have learned many illustration skills such as using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Animate while in the graphic design program at BDS. Alongside with the GD program I was able to experience an art program at MICA called ADCAP (Art and Design College Acceleration Program) where I was able to explore different mediums of art taking classes each season. I was able to learn about Illustration, Printing and Packaging and Color Theory. Also during the ADCAP program I went to the MICA 5-week summer program and studied Animation and Illustration during the time. I’m an Illustrator that makes very subtle art that dwells on my mental issues and experiences of my traumatizing past. People with these traumas or mental issues usually have a hard time expressing their feelings or feel scared of telling people what happened. It’s a very hard topic to talk about so I started expressing it through my art. I usually put these emotions into making characters so I have a lot of character floating around.

My name is Erin Davis. I am a Baltimore-based illustrator and graphic designer! I currently attend Baltimore Design School, and am very advanced in all aspects of design. My artwork has gravitated toward darker undertones and themes, I enjoy making works that explore moody and macabre topics. These topics can make people uncomfortable, but the art containing these topics are for a very niche audience. I also enjoy story-boarding, and creating characters for a narrative. Within my works are dark, muted, and vibrant color palettes, all contributing to the content itself just as much as the subject and the medium.  A lot of the characters within my work are manifestations of my interests, experiences, and ideas. I like making art that carries a message, whether good, bad, or strange. While evolving through my journey as a creative, I realized that a lot of my art is made with various perspectives on the world, and I like to examine life through all of them. My goal for my future is to keep creating art, make meaningful connections, and to always keep striving for something better.

What I learned in ADCAP was to go outside the box in my sketches and illustrations pieces. Fashion at BDS also helps me with fabrics and how it can go well with my art pieces for ADCAP and career choice in the art industry and shows you how far your passion can get you far. What I've discovered in my art pieces that it is more than a business, it's my life and happiness. Just to make more than just sketches, garments and prints.You make accessories, color palette, fabric choice, garment designs, anatomy, value and who I am as an artist. I discovered that I need to sketch before constructing any art piece traditionally or digitally. I most likely work alone while I'm sketching. I think a lot and have D. I. D gets me more to think about instead of just me. Because it's important to think and work on time management when it's come to art. And during my time at ADCAP gave me a huge experience on how to have a different mind set on having your own space and my own career. Who am I as an artist? I'm a solo designer, I need space to sketch my ideas and construct a way to make it feel complete to me. Most of the things I do are self-taught but my time at ADCAP helped me with most programs and classes for the past 3-4 years. I am an artist that turns mistakes until a success no matter how hard it is or how long it takes. Drawing always keeps me in a positive mindset with life and personal things I've gone through. I'm Freya Wright also known as Feng, and as an artist. I make bonds with every line I draw on paper or screen.

I started drawing as a preschooler way before I even knew that drawing was something that I was actually into, by the second grade I was inspired to draw more when I met a friend who drew a lot. After seeing his work I was motivated to learn how to draw things with more detail and I would trace pictures from the computer, dvd covers, family photos in the house, etc. The tracing stage stopped when I broke one of my mother's computer from drawing too hard, so I started to draw from reference. By the fifth grade I was only drawing people and clothing. I would create full pages of clothing and hairstyles and put them together to create a full look. I would still do reference drawing but I had more fun drawing the clothes and making magazines out of the clothing and people I drew. Then there was my middle school years, I auditioned for an art middle school and got rejected. Not being accepted hurt a lot and made me feel like my work wasn’t good enough, although I wasn’t in an art school for middle school I still would focus on my drawings at home and did a lot of drawings for students in school who knew I could draw. I continued to draw in middle school but then it was time to apply for high schools. I applied to Baltimore School For The Arts and missed my audition. My high school life was ruined before it started because I wanted to go to a school that would make me grow as an artist, then I heard about Baltimore Design School and applied. They were nice enough to squeeze me into their last audition day but I realized they didn’t have any pathways that I was into. I looked at all my sketches and tried to think which pathway I should tell them just so I could be accepted and decided on fashion design. At the time I didn’t know how to sew and I wasn’t that interested until I met a designer named Quincy who made my mother’s wedding dress. I took a sewing class from him in 9th grade and afterwards I pushed myself to learn how to use the sewing machine. Now I’m a 12th grader at Baltimore Design School and my study is fashion design. At home I focus on drawing, photography, and videography as well. I've applied and have been accepted into MICA to study fashion design for 2020-2024 for a bachelor's degree.

Jamson Grate is a young artist based in Baltimore City who is efficient in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Jamson uses their knowledge in storytelling and skills in technical art in order to create strong, emotional art pieces. They create various environments in which their character lives and interacts. With the help of Art and Design College Accelerator Program (ADCAP) and MICA’s pre college, Jamson gained a better understanding with how anatomy, color, composition, and typography works. Outside of these programs, they work mostly digitally at home. Jamson’s art is surrounded by the concept of emotions. They focus on conflict around their own sensitivity and identity in an intimate way. Gender is also a concept that they have recently added into their work. Having to conform to a gender has always been an increasing uncomfort for them. Some of their work showcases that discomfort, and acceptance of who they are. Jamson started the path of an artist as a way to cope with all the problems that were happening in their life. Whenever they felt sad, angry, any feeling that was intense, they placed it into their artwork. They would like to someday help teach children how to cope with emotions through art, as a way to help others understand themselves.

Malachi Wright is a young artist based in Baltimore, MD. He is currently studying graphic design at Baltimore Design School (expected to graduate in 2020), MICA's Art & Design Accelerator Program (ADCAP) and has completed a 5-Week Pre-College Summer Residency Program at MICA where he took a figure drawing class and illustration class. His work consists of drawings and paintings that showcase self expression, sensitive/personal topics (religion, spirituality, family, etc.), and recognizable figures in hip hop culture. His work has been visible and recognized within the Baltimore City community. He became a finalist of the 2019 Courting Art Baltimore, a runner up for the Art Against Violence Competition, won second place in the citywide school's FAFSA Poster contest, won The Walters Art Museum Curatorial Choice Award & part of the Elijah Cummings Congressional Art Competition, received a Rising Entrepreneur Award from the Black Girls Rock/Share the Love Foundation, and lastly was recently one of the four young curators for Arts Every Day's 10x10 Exhibition earlier this year. Wright plans on going to college to advance his art skills further and would like to study other interests outside of his comfort zone.

Mason is an experimental abstract and conceptual artist who uses surreal and obscure illustrations and passionate insight to create emotionally vulnerable and jarring works. Through being at BDS for the last 5 years, Mason has added many skills to his repertoire including bookbinding, animating, photography, and graphic design skills. Even outside of Mason’s design class,  Mason has learned other skills which have made it easier for him to push the narrative of his art such as using data analysis, and mathematical properties. In addition, his autodidactic learning style and participation in programs like MICA Pre College, Art and Design College Accelerator Program (ADCAP), Student Media Team, and ArtsEveryDay 10x10 Exhibition has opened him up emotionally to create pieces not only for him but for the environment. Mason’s recent pieces have been focusing on emotional inarticulation in black men and self-identification of one’s toxicity. In society, black men are subject to constantly having their emotional side neglected and seen as though they shouldn’t be emotional. This breeds an aggressive climate for black men because they become frustrated with themselves for feeling sad or depressed. They start to hate themselves thinking the emotions are a weakness. It can drive many to a moment of vulnerability to thoughts and can lead to violence and imminent death. Thus, we have one of the highest suicide rates widely above that of women. All of his pieces deal with different personal feelings on this. All of Mason’s pieces are considered unfinished because emotions are too complex to solidify as a finished piece.

Sanaa Zoë Jackson is a young, developing artist based in Baltimore, MD. She is currently studying visual art at Baltimore School for the Arts (expected to graduate in 2020), MICA's Art & Design College Accelerator Program (ADCAP) and has completed a 5-Week Pre-College Summer Residency Program at MICA where she took a fiber class and oil painting class. Her work utilizes photography, sculpture, painting and drawing to explore and express her views on religion, politics, race and gender. Jackson seeks to use her artwork to show expression, emotion and to advocate for social justice. She would like to continue studying art in college to build her skills further, as well as study in African American studies and art history.