Especimen de Origen. This student did not provide alt text.
Especimen de Origen
Nudo intestinal. This student did not provide alt text.
Nudo intestinal
Tejido Corporal Indefinido. This student did not provide alt text.
Tejido Corporal Indefinido
Roptura de Ligamentos. This student did not provide alt text.
Roptura de Ligamentos
Huella de Sosten. This student did not provide alt text.
Huella de Sosten

My art practice concentrates on the idea that the world and everything in it are continuously evolving. That we become versatile to the new knowledge that presents itself in our path, based on personal experiences, we learn to adapt and respond as it corresponds. As individuals, we proceed to live moment-by-moment, and eventually, we lose the sense of mortality, due to the fact we become accustomed to the practical, to the familiar. In my artwork, I aim to reconstruct the familiar to the unfamiliar by shifting and challenging ground realities that depict human materiality, identity, and the effects of social restraints. The reconstruction of the familiar assists as a tool to analyze social conflicts-crises that are currently affecting our culture; it promotes an emphasis on discriminatory behaviors that concern marginalized groups. The impact of these behaviors towards an individual or group's identity can have a significant effect that modifies our society. Although the artwork does not focus on a specific issue, the notion behind it is to acknowledge the psychological and sociological aspects that trigger an individual's involuntary response to an unknown undesirable, non-innate object concentrating on ""subject and object"" and ""action and reaction."" The artwork embodies the borderline of the inside and outside of the body, aiming to create a sense of wonder and uncertainty. This disturbance generates competing dualities, a pull (seductive), and push (repulsion) response between the viewer and the artwork. My fleshy sculptures, made out of silicone, enable me to manipulate the material and distort the imagery to provoke sensory experiences that concern the permeable limits of human beings. Other key elements, such as hardware and industrial infrastructure, aid in challenging socially cultivated ideas. My work investigates disintegrating boundaries and paths to connect the self to the external object, constructing a bond where the unfamiliar and the familiar intersects, challenging oneself to resonate on corporeality, existence, and the value-potential of human beings.