Interdisciplinary Sculpture (BFA)

A stag stands rooted to its place, feeling the tension of the moment it knows it has been spotted. However, it chooses to not move a single muscle in hopes that it will blend into the surroundings. Any sudden movements will cause him to run into the trees
Rooted Stag (1) 2018 Black Locust Bark 24” x 14” x 31”
orange, red, purple postcards
A conversation between the East and the West 05
Scam Libs is a scam email generator written in python. Drawing inspiration from the formulaic narrative of the Scam email (“Advance-fee scam” or 419), to be nothing more than a template for a game of Mad Libs, Scam Libs is an attempt at creating the ‘cust
ScamLibs 5 Python Script
Female bust cast in recycled plastic chips, made from locally sourced water bottles
200 Plastic Bottles 01 2020 Locally recycled plastic 12"x20"
Photograph of a hand sanitizer dispenser made of cream and gray carpet mounted on a white wall, a piece of yarn hangs from the dispenser to imitate hand sanitizer.
Hand Sanitizer 2020 Found objects, carpet 12" x 3" x 3"
Bell (Artifact I) features a cast bronze bell which hangs from a bronze cast mount. The mount is attached to a rough gray oblong plinth on the wall. From the inside of the bell, a small pulley handle hangs from a string, allowing the user of the bell to r
Bell (Artifact I) 01 2019 Cast bronze, mixed media 30” x 10.5” x 4”
Make it Work. Steel, Hardware and Twin Beds
Make it Work 01 2020 Steel, Hardware and Twin Beds 85" x 60" x 32"