Internships for International Students

Many international students conduct internships during their time at MICA, both in the United States and in their home countries.

F-1 regulations regarding off-campus employment are very strict. If you wish to work in the United States, please visit the Office of International Education before you begin working to discuss your options. Do not begin working until you receive proper authorization.

How to Register Internships in the United States

  1. Talk to the Office of International Education to confirm your eligibility
  2. Attend Internship Orientation
  3. Submit Learning Contract through
  4. Register your academic credits at MICA during the same semester you plan to intern
  5. Once Learning Contract is approved, meet with International Affairs to complete CPT paperwork
  6. You may begin working at your internship!

Curricular Practical Training (C.P.T.) is the program for F-1 students through which you can work off-campus in the United States before you graduate. This work must relate to your studies at MICA and must be eligible for school credit. You are eligible to apply for C.P.T. after you attend a U.S. college full time as an F-1 student for at least two semesters in a row while in good academic standing.