Internships While on a Leave of Absence

Students have the option to register an internship for school credit while on a leave of absence from MICA. This provides the opportunity to learn new skills and build professional experiences during leave, while also fulfilling a 3-credit studio elective.

Registering internships for school credit during leave is completely optional. Internships are meaningful experiences regardless of school credit. 

Review Internship Eligibility and how to Register an Internship for complete details on MICA’s internship policies. Most importantly, internships must be registered before they begin.

Internship Registration While on Leave

There are two options to register:

  1. If at the start of the internship the student has not begun the readmittance process for the next semester, the credits will be registered through Open Studies at a reduced tuition rate. Contact Career Development for the current tuition rate.
  2. If at the start of the internship the student has been approved for readmittance for the next semester, credits can be deferred to the semester in which they return to MICA.  For example, if a student is on leave while interning in the fall and they are approved to return to MICA in the spring, their internship credits can be added to the spring semester.

Summer Internships After Leave of Absence

Some students complete internships during the summer between their leave of absence and return to MICA. If a student has been approved to return to MICA in the fall, their summer internship credits can be applied to the fall semester when they return. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register my internship for credit while on leave?

No, registering is completely optional. Some majors require an internship in their degree plan, and those students have found it helpful to fulfill their internship requirement during leave. You may also come across a company who requires school credit in order to participate in their internship program.

Can I wait to register my credits when I return from leave?

No. For-credit internships must be registered before they begin. You cannot register an internship after it is over. We must also determine how best to enroll you in school credits, which is dependent on your readmittance status at the time of the internship. 

Can I defer my internship credits?

It depends on your enrollment situation and when the internship takes place. If you have not made the decision to return to MICA or been formally readmitted to the school, you would have to enroll in the internship at the time you begin working. You would be charged a reduced tuition rate through Open Studies. If you have been approved for readmittance to MICA for the upcoming semester, you can defer your credits to that semester. 

I want to intern in the summer before returning from my leave. Is that possible?

Yes! If you have been readmitted to MICA and started the fall registration process, we can defer your credit to the fall semester when you plan to return. If you will not be returning until spring or later, you would register through Open Studies and pay the current Open Studies tuition rate.

What is the reduced tuition rate?

It is around a quarter of the cost of a course at the part-time tuition rate. Contact Career Development for the current rate. 

As an international student, can I register an internship I’m completing while on leave in my home country?

Of course! We are always happy to support internships outside of the United States.

I’m an international student. Can I enroll in the internship course to stay in the United States while on leave? 

No. If you are on a leave of absence you are required to leave the country as soon as the leave of absence takes effect. 

Is the reduced tuition rate option open to students who are enrolled full-time at MICA?

No, this option is only available to students who are currently on a leave of absence. This option would not save a full-time student money on their tuition.

How do I start the internship registration process while on leave?

All students follow the same process. Complete the Internship Orientation and submit an Internship  Agreement in MICAnetwork before the internship begins. Contact to explain you are registering while on leave, and we will determine how best to proceed given your situation.