A horizontal 48" x 72" painting depicts two cartoon like cats. The left, yellow and leopard print cat lounged on a bright floral carpet, is being embraced by the right cat. The right cat holds a star wand. Small stars are painted in the backgrou + Enlarge
Beastie! 2021 Oil on canvas 48" x 72"
On a large vertical canvas, through several layers of rough paint, the basic shapes and outlines of 4 cows are stacked on each other. The background consists of color blocked black, white, green and yellow color spaces in abstract forms. + Enlarge
Cow Jumps Over a Strawberry Moon 2020 Oil on Canvas 60” x 36”
On a large vertical blue panel, two houses are painted. A dark blue rectangular perimeter frames a light blue rectangular center. In the light blue center small object, roads, and maps are painted in a crude, childlike, and cartoonish style. + Enlarge
Where to? 2021 Oil on panel 42” x 60”
On a large Vertical yellow table cloth, a large cartoonish red cat with human like forms makes up the majority of the composition. The cat, is outlined on red and black spray paint. At the tip of the cats hands is a painted black stripped snake. The cat a + Enlarge
Sour Kitty 2020 Latex, bead, fur, table cloth 4 ft x 7 ft
A large soft sculpture of a red, human like cat, is made of felt, and stuffed with wool. The cat is soft sculpture, with pointy ears, and various human like extensions, such as arms, hands, legs, genitals, breasts, fingers and toes. The cat is accessorize + Enlarge
Mary 2020 Felt and wool 3 ft x 7 ft
A central figure stands, adorned by two black cats, on a 54” x 42” piece of paper. The figure is human like, with odd proportions and extra hands and toes. The words "help us" repeat at the top and bottom of the frame. There are various abstract + Enlarge
Magician 2020 Acrylic on paper 54” x 42”
A horizontal piece of paper is split into a left and right side, yet unified by color blocking and abstract shape. On the right side of the composition, two cartoonish forms of cat like creatures are stacked on top of each other, on the left side of the c + Enlarge
Cooped 2020 Acrylic on paper 42” x 54”

Through opaque color, quick mark-making, and flat shape, a vibrant personal world of recognizable character is made. These various paintings, images and works on paper inspire one another, made through oil paint, acrylic paint, oil pastel, chalk pastel, charcoal, and ink. The images are inspired and sourced from dreams, folktales, intuition, religion and feelings of life that hide in everyday shadows. They are made in response to being, and draw sometimes ambiguous, other times obvious, influence from Catholicism, gender, and archetype. They come from the deep itch to cover, mark, adorn, release, record, process, and are produced quickly. Each is time and body specific, completed in one to two realized work sessions.

-Sarah Heerey

Painting (BFA) Students