This image shows a figure made of roots on a slab connected to a fetus glowing on the ground, two slender figures are reaching inside the figure made of roots, a portal is emanating out the figure made of roots filling the sky with chaos and absorbing the + Enlarge
Premonition 2019 oil paint on salvaged mirror W15in x H26in
This image consists of a figure front and center half blue half green, they have their arms crossed and there is an opening where their heart would be with fire and blood coming out, half of their face is a blue skull and the other half is a green face wi + Enlarge
Thunderstorms 2020 oil paint on salvaged mirror W23in x H29in

Premonition my intuition… …guiding hear me listen… …astral melodies and frequencies… …death to the body… …death to the self… …a cacophony of chaos… …rippling through space and time… …construction of my eternal design

Thunderstorms My bleeding heart we are so far apart beautiful as a work of art let me begin do not start to love is to break apart sew back together relinquish our tether now and forever the disturbance in the weather

This is a kneeling figure in white, a flower is blooming from its chest with plated gold, silver, and copper petals, in the center of the flower is an embedded rose quartz, tree branches with white feathers are coming out of the figures side like wings. + Enlarge
Angel 2021 Mixed-media W20in x H7in
+ Enlarge
Angel detail 01 2021 Mixed-media

Angel inside no longer able to hide So many times I've cried So many words I tried to say but couldn’t conceive I am down on my knees Chest open wide ...please see me, see me Eternal light fracture my darkness Destroy my blight Savior from within together we will win

This figure is a pregnant Earth Goddess figure painted in a green hue, she kneels on a bed of green moss, lichen stretch over her body, her stomach is open with a nest inside and three eegs one copper, one gold, and one silver. Her body, from the arms up + Enlarge
Earth Mother (Spring) 2021 W18in x H10in
+ Enlarge
Earth Mother (Spring) detail 01 2021

ring, ring, ring I hear the chimes ring, ring, ring The cold spring wind gusts on by ring, ring, ring Our mother awakens from her frozen slumber ring, ring, ring It’s time for transformation, rebirth, and renew ring, ring, ring Although changing can be uncomfortable….true ring, ring, ring The chimes of spring are calling to you

The figure is half white and half black split down the middle. On one side is the Full Moon Goddess in white, holding a silver offering bowl with a white rose inside, in the torso there is a snake in an infinity sign plated in silver, her face is a three + Enlarge
New Moon & Full Moon Goddesses 2021 Mixed-media W12in x H16in
+ Enlarge
New Moon & Full Moon Goddesses view 2 2021 Mixed-media W12in x H16in
+ Enlarge
New Moon & Full Moon Goddesses view 3 2021 Mixed-media W12in x H16in

One eye in day one eye in night split down the middle. Two eyes, one sight. Look closer you’ll see it’s not all black and white. For there's the point of contact the balance, the end of the fight. Halves of the same coin a tale as old as calcite. Welcome them both be gracious and invite. There's always something to learn under the moonlight.

This piece is a figure seated on sand with large clear quartz emerging from the sand, the figure is a red Earth Goddess with amethyst eyes holding two candles one black one white, a silver snake representing the Moon Goddess with clear quartz eyes slither + Enlarge
Inception of God 2021 Mixed-media W10in x H9in

The sands of time have yet to wear my shrine I’ve done this in so many lifetimes The inception of God happens in your mind You are made from the same Infinite design


My art practice and my spiritual practice have no separation.Through my work I travel my spiritual path, reflect on my experiences, and perform shadow work/trauma healing with my materials. I find myself in the strokes and heal my wounds through the forms I create. I see my soul and my limitless potential. It’s a release of creative energy, life energy, and spiritual healing energy. Each piece is a different aspect of me and my experiences. Through poetry I bring each piece alive and provide insight into the lessons I've learned. I invite you to see yourself and your own journey through my work, for I believe we are all divinely connected and our experiences are universal and we have many things to learn from each other.

Painting (BFA) Students