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A Christmas Special #1 2020 Digital Painting
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Workbook pg 1 2020 Digital Painting
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Workbook pg:2 2020 Digital Painting
Plymouth to Waterwheel SQ 2021 Digital Installation
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Backyard Reflection 2020 Mixed Media & Digital Painting on Canvas 32 X 64 Inches
Randallstown 2021 Digital Installation
La Douma Riddim | Tanty Say 2021 Video Installation

I explore blurring lines between archived and unconscious memories in my work. Using digital and tactile mediums I expand visual abnormalities: warping colors, layering surfaces, and enhancing spaces. My process relies on using multiple lenses to progressively transform family photos beyond recognition. I alter portraits; abstracting the movement of figures through pushing and pulling on a scanner bed. Dragging images results in repetitive forms and patterns. In addition, digital filters allow for amplified colors, glitches/marks separating the tangible form of referenced family photos. Simultaneously, celebration and sorrow navigates the work; I’m internalizing family departure alongside the culture of Tobago that influences my interest. Taking form in a digitally influenced world, similar to memories once shared by sending printed photos.  

Painting (BFA) Students