Images of stylized female bodies with open legs repeat, arranged on a green tissue paper background with small flowers in between. + Enlarge
Blooming Flower Garden 2021 Plastic shrink paper, marker, tissue paper, scanner 12" x 12"
blue magazine scraps frame an editorial illustration of a cursor hand with a red string tied to it. The cursor is clicking on a square of more blue scraps with a block of resin in front of it. + Enlarge
Clickque 2020 Resin and magazine collage 16" x 12"
Abstract blobs and sine-wave circles overlap in blue and purple. There are holes in the purple layer to expose a sky blue scene with white clouds shaped like greyhounds. + Enlarge
Doggy Dog World 2018 Acrylic on Canvas 12" x 12"
A pink and blue patterned image making use of a crescent moon motif, a line of pink dots, a triple-breasted female nude form, and some white clouds. + Enlarge
Divine Woman 2019 Acrylic on watercolor paper, edited with Photoshop 11" x 14"
Playground Pixie Paradise 01 2021 Styrofoam block, tissue paper, cloth flowers, fake foliage, plastic clay, polyfill, preserved moss, paper, Shrinky Dinks, moss, lightbulb, plant, glass fishbowl 12.5”x 13”x 12”
For Those Who Remember video 2021 iPhone video, clear plastic container, fake nails, tracing paper, pencil

With vivid neon hues and pastel patterns, I explore nuances of repetition, division, and isolation in my work. While these shades impart a sense of play and frivolity, underneath the surface I endeavor not only to capture what is sensual and tender but also what is raw, grating, and uncomfortable about existing as a body in a society. Artmaking has always been a process through which I face that which unsettles me and interrogate it; externalizing uncomfortable feelings into tangible objects and frenetic multilayered compositions; transmuting pain into beauty. Alongside an accumulative process of collection, collage, and material exploration, I intuitively divine meaning from the work as it comes together, able to see new connections in context. Abstract shapes and figures emerge to create narratives that offer personal insights. Making this work enables me to understand myself, others, and the world around me, ultimately making a happy marriage of sanity and chaos.

Painting (BFA) Students