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38th & Bowser Advisory Group 2021

38th & Bowser Advisory Group is an intimate business continuity and crisis management consulting firm based out of the Mid-Atlantic. 

We specialize in pivoting businesses and individuals in crisis — particularly those impacted by internal factors (people and culture, workplace issues, Human Resources) and external factors (macro-economic forces, political, and environmental downturns) by scaling said organizations and individuals to improve their productivity, efficiency, and overall performance while expanding the business pipeline.

Our guide, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” has created pathways for us to diagnose and cure tactical problems impeding progress, with pragmatic efficiency — while employing an entrepreneurial and creative mindset to execute organizational vision on projects of varying complexity.

Our mission to provide the client with our unmatched business consulting, with effective business growth and development strategies; has enabled us to establish an important brand that represents quality in all its service offerings, particularly in helping businesses and individuals grow out of a crisis.